Saturday, December 05, 2015

The Law Wants The Guy Who Let A Toddler Roll One Up!

A video that surfaced online apparantly showing a young boy smoking marijuana has prompted an investigation by Chicago police.
Why would anyone put this stuff on social media?

Who would give a toddler a hit of the blunt?

The Chicago Police are determined to find out why the person who filmed this.

A young boy wearing only a diaper takes two hits off what appears to be a joint or a blunt under the guidance of a man whose voice can be heard in the 16-second video.

The New York Daily News reports that the video is disturbing.

“Smoke, bro,” the man, who isn’t seen, said. “Inhale it.”

He added, “Do this” before showing the boy how to inhale.

The boy held the apparent weed in front of him for a moment, nearly burning himself.

“Let me hit that,” the man said. The video then ends.

Investigators with the Area South Special Victims unit are looking into where the footage was filmed, a Chicago police spokesman said. Community activist Andrew Holmes alerted cops after someone sent him the video on social media, he told WMAQ-TV.

“This is sickening,” Holmes said. “This child needs help ASAP if he hasn’t had help already. It’s disturbing to hear the adult that was in the background to let them hit it and they’re telling the child to inhale.”

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