Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Toddler Fries Baby Sister In An Oven! Mom And Boyfriend Held On Murder Charges!

J'Zyra Thompson was placed in an oven by her siblings. The mother and her boyfriend are facing murder charges.

The unfortunate circumstances of negligent parenting. A mother and her boyfriend are held in the Harris County lockup for involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment.

Racquel Thompson and Cornell Malone are being held on a $36,000 "get out free card".

The junk food media took notice of a tragic incident inside an apartment in northern Houston.

Thompson was going to take her boyfriend Malone to work and pick up some food for her children.

She was the mother of four children.Thompson is pregnant with another child and is expecting her child in the coming weeks.

She decided "it won't be that long". She believed the children wouldn't touch anything while she was gone. She thought wrong and now she pays the price. J'Zyra Thompson, an 18 month child was in the kitchen crawling. One of the children (two of them 3 years old and one 5 year old) decided to turn the oven on and shove their little sister in the oven.
Racqual Thompson and Cornell Malone are held on second degree murder (by way of child endangerment).
When the baby was pushed in the oven, they heard the screaming and crying. They couldn't do nothing they were frozen in fear.

When Thompson returned home, she saw her children crying and telling mom that they played with the oven and J'Zyra was in it. As Thompson turned the oven off, she discovered her daughter lifeless burned from end to end, barely recognizable. Of course she called the law.

The law arrived to hear the sobbing mom tell them that she only left for a few minutes. She didn't think her children were capable of messing with an oven.

The law called Harris County child protective services to investigate. They determined that Thompson was irresponsible for the death of the daughter. By her leaving, and not having proper supervision and training on the dangers of the home.

The law decided to put the cuff on her and Malone. They were on social media saying that "they're not going to be charged for the negligent parenting".

Well in Texas, you could be sentenced to LIFE in the iron college for the negligent parenting.

They are innocent until proven guilty.

The three children were placed in foster care. Once Thompson gives birth to her baby, the Texas state board will decide on whether she has to forfeit her child to foster care.

The father of J'Zyra,  Fredrick Price wanted to strangle Thompson and Malone. He was totally devastated over the loss of his child.

"She was cute little baby," said Price.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of J'Zyra Thompson.

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