Sunday, November 15, 2015

They'll Sh*t In Their Pants If It Happened Here!

Terrorism is a part of the daily routine. The American politicos flex their "I'm a big  muscle in the wake of the tragic terrorist attack in Paris, France. 

Let me be clear, gun violence is a bigger threat here in the United States, than terrorism. Terrorism and diseases such as HIV and Ebola are exploited by the junk food media for fear.

The 15 Republican knuckle heads like to flex their "I can do this" muscle. They have no real answer to stopping terrorism. All I hear from the candidates is blaming people for unfortunate circumstances.

We haven't had a horrific [international] terrorist attack on our country since September 11, 2001. But to the Republicans and agitators in the media, President Barack Obama can't do nothing. The president has been aggressive against terrorism. It's unfortunate that the Islamic State and al Qaeda exists. Our country's influence in the Middle East has sparked feverish outrage.

The United States has blind support for the Israeli government's apartheid on the West Bank and Gaza Strip is one main reason.

We uprooted foreign leaders who we believe impedes on our "capitalism" and "values".

Americans show constant bigotry towards people because of their race, gender, sexuality, religion, nationality, political and economic standings. Terrorism is inspired by animosity towards these groups.

Terrorism exists. It's not going to stop. It's a part of daily routine here and abroad. It's a shame that we don't consider every mass shootings in our country as terrorism. It's a shame we don't consider any gun crime as terrorism. 

I don't call it radical Islam like the Republicans and conservative agitators.

I call it terrorism.

HIV exists. It's not going to stop. It's a part of the daily routine here and abroad. Heroin and denial are the reasons to why the virus continues to thrive here in the United States.

No one talks about that in the debates. Nobody understands that heroin is causing HIV risks. Matter of fact, heroin should be second. Because so many suburban White people are killing themselves. White women are using  heroin at a faster pace.

Me and S. Baldwin send our condolences to the numerous victims of the Paris attacks. On September 13, 2015, seven terrorists aimed at numerous venues in the Parisian night. The terrorists managed to kill 130 people and injured numerous people. It's confirmed that an American student studying abroad was one of the victims of this tragedy. Nohemi Gonzalez was one of the first confirmed Americans killed. She was only 23 and a student from Cal State University.

Now the world is mourning the losses.

Everyone here in the United States are showing solidarity by going to social media and posting their thoughts.
James Foley's family blames Obama for their son's death. Instead of blaming the terrorists, conservatives find the real threat to America is the President of the United States. 
This became an issue for the Republicans and Democrats. Last night Democratic debate on CBS began with a focus on the tragedy. Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O'Malley all had an opportunity to express their desires to take on the threat. They offer no real answer to how to take on the threat.

The Republicans on the other hand now are using this as a banter to attack President Barack Obama.

In an interview on ABC, the president said that the Islamic State is being "contained".

Conservative agitators and the candidates are seizing on that remark as a reason to say the president is aloof and not taking the threat seriously.

The U.S. gained some ground in the fight against the extremist group. An U.S. airstrike may have killed Mohammad Ewazi, the junk food media's so-called "Jihad John" spokesman.

The French government has been active in retaliation. The junk food media broke the news that French fighter jets strike on the de facto base of the Islamic State.

On GOP Sundays, you had commentators, agitators, and politicos wonk it out about how to fight an organization that seems to be getting more powerful by the day.

Republicans now saying that we shouldn't allow Syrian refugees asylum. They believe that terrorists could slip into the United States. Terrorism is already here in the United States. We have our own people leaving their families to join the Islamic State and al Qaeda.

Terrorism is going to be around 24/7.

Americans should use their common sense.

Always expect something to happen.

We should not live in a bubble fearing the unknown.

We never expect mass shootings in our country let alone a terrorist attacks.

Republicans don't see any reason to close the gun sale loopholes. Even if we accept Syrian refugees, they go through a background check. If one does slip into the United States, they'll have access to firearms through strawman purchases.

We have mass shootings everyday in the United States. There was a mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in October and one just last night. There was an entire family murdered in Jacksonville by a man.

So I don't want to hear this talk about terrorism, radical Islam and boots on the ground. We have people murdering people with firearms here in our country. This is the real threat to the country.

If that ain't terrorism, I don't know what it is?

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