Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Law Search For Drive By Shooter Who Killed Maleki Parker!

The Dayton Police ask for assistance. 5-year old Maleki Parker was murdered in a drive-by shooting. 

The cycle of gun violence continues in the United States. Let me remind you that gun violence is the number one threat in the country. Gun violence beats terrorism and Ebola.

How many terrorist-involved incidents happened in the United States this year?

When you mention how many mass shootings in the United States how many this year?

Even in my community, gun violence continues to happened. The city of Dayton has probably 46 homicides this year. For a city of 138,000 residents that's an epidemic.

This area is part of the region notorious for heroin addiction. I bet you money that there's dope spots within a mile of a police station. And the dope spots are considered breeding grounds for gun violence.

Enter the home of Maleki Parker. The junk food media says that his home was considered a dope spot. There was a drive-by shooting at the home and rounds flew throw a window and hit the 5-year old boy in the head.
20 rounds entered the home of Maleki Parker.
The family rushed him to the hospital. The boy was gravely wounded by the ricochet fire.

He was taken off life support on Monday, and died that night. The family will now have to deal the tragic lost of a toddler. The toddler wasn't a criminal! Maleki was an innocent baby.

The Dayton Police are calling upon witnesses who may have seen or heard something in the area.

Of course, the area is notorious for criminal activity.

Bruce Street is a road that harbors dope spots, prostitution and a bunch of residents too afraid to report it.

A year ago, Kolanda Richey was mauled by two mixed breed pitbulls. The neighbors Andrew Nason and Julie Custer were held in the county lockup on negligent homicide and animal abuse.

World News Today sends our condolences to the family of Maleki Parker and Kolanda Richey.

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