Monday, November 02, 2015

The Bluegrass Gubna's Race!

Insurgent Matt Bevin shakes hands with Democrat in name only Attorney General Jack Conway.

The state is Cook Political Voting index value +13 Republican. The state supported George W. Bush, John McCain and perennial loser Mitt Romney. The last Democrat in national office to win this state was Bill Clinton. The state has a term limit governor. And now is it possible that Democrats can hold on to a state that supports Republicans in 2:1 ratio?

Democrats in Kentucky are voting for Republicans. 

These so-called Reagan Democrats exist in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 

There's a razor thin lead for the Democratic nominee against the Republican nominee. The nominees are both worthless. They are also-rans who lack charisma. 

But one thing could impact this election: Medicare. Kentucky voters support the state's health care exchange. They don't see it as Obamacare. They see it as "healthy Kentucky".

Republicans didn't pour a lot of money into insurgent Matt Bevin's campaign. Bevin is a perennial candidate for House, Senate and now the governor's race. Bevin is determined to make a name for himself.

Conway is a perennial candidate who lost to Rand Paul in 2010. He just kept a low profile for the time and decided that it could better choice to run for governor than a rematch against Paul.

The conservative agitators have ignored Bevin. Even during the Kim Davis fiasco, Republicans haven't put much into this race.

Many see Bevin as out of the mainstream. But does it mean it's not capable of pulling it off?

Hell Bevin could win this.

Democrats ain't really got much to celebrate. Whether Conway wins or not, they can't rely on him.

I can picture Conway being a thorn in President Barack Obama's skin. He will find ways to blame the president for "attacking the coal industry". 

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