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Since The Law Concluded The Illinois Cop Killed Himself, Who Takes The Blame?

<span class='image-component__caption' itemprop="caption">This undated file photo provided by the Fox Lake Police Department shows Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, who was fatally shot in September 2015, in Fox Lake, Ill.</span>
The FBI concluded that lawman from Fox Lake killed himself.

G.I. Joe as many in the town of Fox Lake called him, took his own life. He placed the blame on two white guys and the "SCARY BLACK GUY". This incident got the conservative agitators blaming #BlackLivesMatter and President Barack Obama for the death. Instead of blaming the suspect, the agitators would say that the activists and their rhetoric were responsible for the death.

Hence forth: the blame game.

This sparked a national search for suspects involved. When the leads turned cold, the law decided to do ballastic test on the victim. They determined that the wounds suffered were self-inflicted.

The FBI and the Illinois State Police concluded that the Fox Loke lawman Charles Joseph Gliniewicz used his own weapon on himself. He put the slugs in his bulletproof vest. That impact was "like a sledgehammer hitting you in the chest". Then he pointed the service weapon in his temple of his chest and let the slug hit him in the vitals.

At first report, Gliniewicz said that he was pursuing suspects around a campsite. Then there was radio silence. The law found Gliniewicz on the ground in a pool of blood.

After Gliniewicz's shooting, a massive manhunt ensued, with hundreds of officers searching houses, cabins and even boats on a chain of area lakes. Authorities released a vague description of three suspects, though no one was ever arrested.

Flags flew at half-staff in honor of the 30-year police veteran after the shooting in Fox Lake, a close-knit community of 10,000 residents located about 50 miles north of Chicago. Signs with the officer's picture hung in storefront windows.

The tattooed officer with a shaved head was described by those who knew him as tough when needed, but also as sweet and a role model to youngsters aspiring to go into law enforcement.

More than 100 investigators stayed on the case for weeks, though questions arose in mid-September, and investigators began to concede that they could not rule out suicide or an accident.

One hint came when Lake County Coroner Dr. Thomas Rudd announced that Gliniewicz was killed by a "single devastating" shot to his chest. That prompted an angry response from Filenko, who said the release of such details put "the entire case at risk."

Gliniewicz's family dismissed the suggestion of suicide. His son D.J. Gliniewicz said his father "never once" thought of taking his own life, and described how his dad spoke excitedly about what he planned to do after retiring.

Gliniewicz had four children.

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