Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sheen Doesn't Apologize Giving His Victims HIV!

In 2010, Charlie Sheen found out he had HIV. He had the infamous breakdown during his run on Two and a Half Men. He admits it was an act to disguise the shame of being exposed to the virus.

The highest paid actor in America just confessed to Matt Lauer that he had HIV. Charlie Sheen made a rambling (stuttering) interview to admit to the world he's got the disease and he's being treated for it.

Sheen was high and apparently drunk during the interview. The doctor with Sheen's permission told the junk food media, that he is being treated for the disease and he doesn't have the latent AIDS.

He had admitted that he had unprotected sex while he was being treated for HIV.

He is taking the triple cocktail and admits to having doing it with alcohol.

In the rambling interview, Sheen admits he had HIV since the meltdown that led to his firing on the CBS hit Two and a Half Men. For nearly four years, Sheen knew about it and was ashamed that he had it.

He went through a binge of cocaine, alcohol and prostitutes. He had unprotected sex with a woman who may have had the virus. He admitted that he didn't care. He told his ex-wives Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller about his situation. They agreed to keep it to themselves.

During the three seasons of Anger Management, rumors were going around about the A-list celebrity having numerous flings with women. They were saying that this actor was doing risky things exposing himself to HIV.

At the time, I didn't give two cares about it. I knew that the only celebrities I could think off, Sheen, Eddie Murphy, and Hugh Grant.

The prostitutes were women and transgender. He knew that the day would come when the world would know.

A former porn star was knocked up by Sheen. She had an abortion and told the junk food media that she now has to be tested constantly.

Sheen also admits that he had unprotected sex with numerous women while being infected with the deadly virus. He admits that a prostitute went through his stuff and found the retro treatment in his bathroom.

Sheen admits that he was being exploited by tabloids.

He said that he's been with his family.

Now the social media is buzzing about the controversy. This may be the biggest bombshell in the entertainment industry.

Sheen may face some lawsuits and criminal misconduct charges. He admits that he will face his maker in the wake of his tragedy. He also said that he's been struggling to get back into acting since having HIV. Sheen admits he's battled depression during this period.

Sheen says that he will now "take the high road" to discuss his road to recovery.

No word of comment from producer Chuck Lorrie, former co-stars Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones (from Two and a Half Men) or Shawnee Smith (of Anger Management).

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