Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Rachel Dolezal: We're All Children Of Africa!

I'm proud to be...me! Rachel Dolezal comes out of hiding to tell the public that she's pregnant. By the way, she's White.

The former NAACP president who brought her "faux pas" to the junk food media announced she is pregnant. Oh, by the way, she admits that she is a White woman. She's also admits she's bisexual.

This woman is a hot mess.

Rachel Dolezal became a lightening rod for the agitators in the media. Despite all the good she's done for the civil rights organization, she hid the fact that she was a White woman portraying herself as a Black woman.

Dolezal's own parents "outed" her as a White woman. They told the junk food media that she was born in Montana. She wasn't adopted. She does volunteer work for the community. She was infatuated with Black culture. She lied to get into Howard University. She married a Black man. She adopted two Black teen boys. She even tries to talk "Black".

The junk food media sought interviews with her and wanted to know why did she fake the funk!

Dolezal refuses to be called a White woman. She says that she's a product of African roots.

The Real got an opportunity to talk to her.

She also addresses her feud with her family.

The Real co-hosts Tamar Braxton and Loni Love asked Dolezal about the matter sans pretense.

“It was hurtful to a lot of Black women,” said Love. “There were some people who felt that you never identified yourself as white so when you went to Howard University. Some people felt like they never knew you were Black, and so maybe the scholarship, you know when you got admitted to Howard, that took an opportunity from a Black woman.”
Rachel Dolezal talks about her ordeal and her pregnancy. She gets a grilling from Loni Love and Tamar Braxton. 
“Right, and that’s why I said, I acknowledge that I was biologically born white to white parents, but I identify as Black,” Dolezal responded.

Whether or not her admitting to being born white was enough, Braxton pushed the issue further and asked what ethnicity Dolezal lists herself as in official forms and documentation. Say, if she were to fill out a job application. Dolezal’s response?

“The form in particular usually defines things,” she said, before adding: “I check white and black, because we all have human origins in the continent of Africa.”

Dolezal did receive a standing ovation from the crowd for admitting her white heritage, as well as for her supposedly being honest while answering the co-hosts’ questions.

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