Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ohio Family Murdered By Neighbor!

An Ohio family was gunned down by a deranged terrorist. John and Christy Anderson and their son Landon were murdered in cold blood. Their daughter Makyleigh is fighting for her life.

Another mass shooting in the United States. It was done by a deranged terrorist who had an obsession with weapons. He was an anti-government conspiracy theorist who believed President Barack Obama was a Muslim sympathizer.

This was the typical "NICE GUY" who had an odd obsession with firearms. The victims had once invited the suspect to dinner and kept an eye on each other's property.

The man suspected of shooting a family had threaten mass shooting six years ago.

Berry Kirk shouldn't have any access to firearms. But unfortunately, Ohio has lapse gun laws and those with mental issues were given the right to have them.

Kirk got upset with an employee at the Ohio governor's office in 2009 over an entitlement claim.

He said that he "wanted to make a big boom and start shooting people". This was obtained by the Associated Press under a freedom of information act.

This terrorist was also charged with telephone harassment of a woman. He was given probation for the action.

This terrorist was charged for vandalism and domestic violence. Those charges were dropped. The terrorist had many traffic violations.

The Columbus Police and FBI are trying to piece together the motive to why this terrorist shot up a family of four. Three of the victims died and the young victim is fighting for her life.
The law put down this terrorist. He had access to firearms despite making terrorist threats.
The terrorist may have involved in a feud with the neighbors. Kirk finally decided to put an end to their lives.

John Anderson II and his wife Christy were high school sweethearts. They were raising a son and daughter. John wanted to start a business with his brother while working at a stucco company. Christy was a homemaker who was taking her GED classes and college courses for dreams of becoming an X-ray technician.

They had a son name Landon and daughter Makyleigh.

John, Christy and Landon were murdered by this cold blooded killer. Makyleigh is fighting for her life. If she survives the injuries, she will be awaken to the news that her mom, dad and brother are gone.

John turned his back on the terrorist after an altercation.The terrorist decided to make himself known as a threat.

Christy runs to the aid of her husband. The terrorist would shoot her at point blank range. As Makyleigh dials 9-1-1 and tried to shield Landon, she was shot. Landon was shot after Makyleigh was injured.

The family suffered numerous gun shots.

The Columbus Police quickly put down this terrorist after he was aiming at the witnesses. The police were patrolling the area when they hear automatic gun fire.

The terrorist would die of his injuries. Now the Anderson family is coming to conclusions that this guy should have arrest for making threats toward John and Christy.

World News Today send our condolences to John, Christy and Landon Anderson. We pray for a speedy recovery for Makyleigh.

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