Wednesday, November 04, 2015

OH Darn: The State Smoked The Weed!

Back to the drawing board for pot advocates. The ballot measure was rejected. 

The state of Ohio boldly rejected the Issue 3 ballot issue. The issue was legalize marijuana usage for both recreational and medical usage. The catch is that marijuana will be grown at only 10 specific counties under the whim of private investors.

Many said the language was confusing.

Some are citing the rise in heroin usage as a reason to decline the ballot measure. Ohio, Indiana and Illinois lead in heroin deaths in the Midwest.

The supporters of Legalize Ohio and their creepy mascot Budd-E go down in a major defeat.

The ballot measure would have granted Ohio full legalization of marijuana. However it will only be unfettered government control of grow operations by a handpick group of business executives.

Nick Lachey, the former pop star and reality television host and a handful of celebrities and politicos throw their weight into Issue 3.
The Legalize Ohio 
Issue 3 would have legalized marijuana for recreational smoking and in edible form for Ohioans 21 or older, and in medicinal form for those of any age with qualifying medical conditions. Commercial growth was to be controlled for at least the first four years by investment groups at 10 specified locations around the state.

The word "monopoly" was the word inserted in the ballot measure. Issue 2 would prevent a sole private entity from owning all access to marijuana grow centers. Issue 3 would legalize it statewide, but keep it strictly grown in these select areas.

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