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Mass Murder In America!

Another mass shooting in the United States. This one happened in Colorado Springs.

Over the Halloween weekend, there were many events in the United States. And since the Umpqua Community College shooting in October, there's been mass shootings.

I am sadden by the latest events in which innocent lives are taken by senseless gun violence. From my community of Dayton, Ohio all the way to Colorado Springs, I've heard talk about gun violence.

We've become numb to gun violence.

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It seems like the number one threat to the United States is gun violence. There were over 200 events that had some involvement of gun violence.

There were selected stories that I've read recently. I'll give a summary of the events that occurred involving gun violence.

Colorado Springs Massacre.

Let's go ahead and talk about the shooting in Colorado Springs. A man with firearm just randomly went on a shooting rampage. He walks calmly at people who just happened to be in area.

In a 30 minute rampage in the early morning, the terrorist went ahead and start to buck and buck.

He shot a man riding his bicycle. He shot two women standing outside the driveway. A witness rushed to their aid. He could save these victims. The law was called. The gunman was anticipating the encounter. 

He wanted to be killed by the law. The Colorado Springs Police and the FBI are going to investigate the shooting.

Spike of Gun Violence In Dayton and Springfield, Ohio.

Two men were gunned down in Springfield, Ohio. A city that seen a wicked rise in gun violence. The city has over 15 homicides this year. The city's population is under 50,000. These two men are know to the law, were found in a SUV with bullets in their bodies.

The suspect was found hiding at a local hotel. The Springfield Police and U.S. Marshals were dispatched to the hotel. The suspect surrendered peacefully. A witness filmed the encounter of the surrender. He also filmed the families of the victim and suspect threaten each other.

In Dayton, the Montgomery County sheriff are investigating the death of a man with a bullet in head. 

The victim was laying inside a stairwell in an abandoned apartment complex.

Kentucky police shooter.

A man who had a rap sheet that went back into the 1970s shot and wounded lawmen. The state was on high alert when this suspect was hiding the rural Kentucky plains. 

The suspect was accused of attempted first-degree murder after allegedly wounding a police officer in rural Tennessee and shooting at a Kentucky trooper later that day across the border, Kentucky State Police said.

The suspect was wanted for the Tennessee Highway Patrol officer shooting. He would shoot a Kentucky State Police officer after a routine pull over. After wounded the officer, the suspect went hiding into the woods. He was wanted on a methamphetamine charge. He was also a registered sexual offender who failed to notify his P.O. where he lived. After four days on the run, the U.S Marshals and the KSP put slugs in the suspect outside of Burkesville, Kentucky.

A Spoiled Son Kills His Parents.

A man and his girlfriend are accused of killing his parents. The Connecticut State Police and the FBI are investigating the 27 year old man and his girlfriend on weapons charges. 

The victims, Jeffery and Jeanette Nevin were found buried near a vacant property near Bridgeport. The suspect's text messages reveal a family rift. He was upset that his family was cutting off financial assistance. The suspect plotted revenge against his parents.

The victims were missing since August. They owned a recycling facility in Weston. 

The suspect was zeroed in on failed foreclosure of a business. He had weapons with disability charge because he was on a controlled substance when arrested.

The suspect left a paper trail. He bought bleach, trash bags and left receipts that described a potential murder plot. 

College Shootings.

There were numerous shootings on college campuses. One at Winston-Salem State University were one was killed and another was injured.

The school said a shooting was reported in the area of Lot W near Wilson Hall and Gleason-Hairston Terrace. The campus was placed on lockdown at 1:30 a.m. and the lockdown was lifted at 4:50 a.m.

The law is now searching for the suspect.

Over in Tennessee State University, the shootings, which occurred during a night encounter.

It appeared to have stemmed from a dispute over a dice game in an outdoor courtyard, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said.

The male who died was not enrolled at the school, a university spokeswoman said. Police have not said whether the other individuals involved were students or visiting the campus.

It was unclear if a suspect was in custody.

The three gunshot victims were transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, said Tanya Stone, operations supervisor for the Metro Nashville emergency communication center.

The two who survived had injuries not considered life-threatening, the Tennessean newspaper reported.

Last week, three people were shot and wounded during a large house party near the Tennessee State University campus.

The incidents come amid a string of gun violence at or near several U.S. schools in October, including deadly incidents on the campus of Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff and adjacent to Texas Southern University in Houston.

These were samples of the mass shootings that happened last week. Over four weeks since Umpqua and gun violence has spiked.

Not to mention more events in which law enforcement used force when engaging in suspects. Some of these encounters were deadly.

World News Today send our condolences to the victims of these senseless shootings.

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