Friday, November 20, 2015

Jamar Clark Protests Continue In Minneapolis!

It has attracted of the folks over at Raw Story. The son of Minnesota's Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison was filmed with his hands up while an officer was aiming his service weapon at him.

Jeremiah Ellison and others were removed from a protesting site close to the police station where the two officers were stationed at.
Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) and his children. His son Jeremiah was caught on camera with his hands up and the law pointing their high powered firearm at him.
As a lawmaker and a parent, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) wasn't pleased to see the law draw their weapons on protesters. Especially one being his own son....Ellison took to Twitter to blast the officers and call upon mayor Betsy Hodges to do something about this.

Late last year, the mayor was facing controversy from a local news station and the Minneapolis Police Union. Hodges was doing charity work for the city and she happened to be posing with an activist and doing a peace sign. They believed that peace sign was a gangsta sign. The activist was once a gang member who renounced his past and is working on encouraging youth to stay out of the lifestyle.

Minneapolis police shot Jamar Clark during an altercation in which they claimed he was disorderly.

The shooting happened on Saturday. Jamar was taken off life support Monday. Many in the junk food media initially thought he died at the scene.

The officers claimed that they responded to domestic violence call in which they determined that Jamar was the suspect.

They said that he interfered with the emergency workers. The officers placed Jamar in the cuffs. He was placed on the ground. They said that Jamar tried to reach for the firearm and Taser. Residents say that the officers shot him at point blank range at the whim of Jamar being handcuffed.

The officer who likely pulled the trigger is facing the most scrutiny.

It attracted BlackLivesMatter activists to the city demanding accountability.
Conservatives tried to paint the Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges as anti-cop because she took a picture pointing at an activist who was once a gang member.
The officers involved Mark Ringgenberg and Dustin Schwarze were placed in the freezer pending a grand jury decision to determine if the call merits criminal misconduct.

The Guardian reported that a former police informant sued Schwarze in 2011 for allegedly subjecting him to “continuous and unbroken sequence of unlawful searches, intimidation and phone threats.” The suit was settled out of court.

The protesters are pissed that the junk food media is releasing the information about Jamar and his run ins with the law.

Of course, Jamar wasn't armed at the time of his passing.

There is video evidence on their body cameras and also video from nearby buildings. Not to mention the social media. There may be someone who is willing to post the video on social media to disspell rumors.
What will the junk food media use? Will they use this picture or his mugshot?
Since the conservatives are worrying their asses off about "radical Islam", they haven't caught up to the controversy yet. But as soon as the first mention of unrest comes up, expect the agitators from that right wing network to be front in center blaming the mayor, BlackLivesMatter and President Barack Obama.

I am assured that other Clarke (the one with an e) will make an appearance in the controversy.

Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke is extremely controversial. He's an embarrassment to the people of Wisconsin. Clarke will likely say something about the controversy. He spends more time on television than at his office in the county building. The sheriff has made enemies within the county and they watching him for possible misconduct in his sheriff's department.

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