Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Indiana Pastor's Wife Killed! Murderer Caught!

Amanda Blackburn (right) was killed by a robbery suspect. The husband was a local pastor of a church in Indianapolis. 

The death of a preacher's wife caught the nation's attention.

Amanda Blackburn was three month pregnant when she was sexually assaulted and shot by this 18-year old Larry Taylor. Amanda was shot in cold-blood in front of her son.

Taylor along with three of his friends were involved in a burglary ring. They were targeting houses in the city of Indianapolis. They broke into homes and were stealing car keys, a laptop, and an iPhone from a home. They found a surveillance camera in the home and disconnected it. That right there was the first mistake they've made. By touching the surveillance camera, they were filmed by the camera and they left DNA on the wiring.

Taylor who had that "I don't give a fuck" mentality wanted to kill the occupant in the home because he was caught on camera. The suspects convinced him not to do it.

So they took off in a stolen ride and went into another home. They ended up robbing the home of a television, a laptop and jewelry. Then they decided to target another home. The home of Amanda and her husband Devey Blackburn the pastor of Resonate Church.

The law conducted the investigation. The suspects turned on Taylor. They said that Taylor hit Amanda in the mouth with his piece. He stayed behind as the other two used her ATM card to get money. Amanda made the fatal mistake of trying to reason with a cold blooded killer. She allegedly charged at Taylor, and he shot her at point blank range. Then he decided to put the final bullet in her head. He took joy in watching her bleed to death.

Taylor didn't know Amanda. It was just an unfortunate circumstance where a robbery was witnessed by a good samaritan and the robber wanted to leave no witnesses.

Davey returns from the gym to find his wife (the rock of his life) lying in a pool of blood. Davey made his whole life to helping the youth in the community. He and Amanda moved to the Indianapolis area a few years back to spread the gospel to the young, frustrated and abandoned.

Amanda was rushed to the hospital where she would die the next day.

Amanda was 28 at the time of her death. She was three months pregnant with her daughter. She leaves behind a son Weston and her husband Pastor Davey. Her unborn daughter Evie Grace was killed.

The law vowed to find these guys. They knew that these knuckleheads would slip up.
Larry Taylor and Jalen Watson are held on first degree murder charges. They are innocent until proven guilty. They could face the gas house if found guilty.
Their arrests ends 10 days on the run after the law vowed to put these killers in the lockup.

Taylor and 21 year old Jalen Watson are held in the Marion County Lockup on murder charges. They are cooperating with the third suspect. Name wasn't released at the time of posting. Even though the other two weren't involved in the shooting, these suspects are charged because they were involved in a criminal act that resulted in a murder.

They are innocent until proven guilty.

Pastor Davey wants to hate them. But he turned to Jesus Christ to learn forgiveness. He said that he choose love and not hate against the suspects.

Indianapolis Metro Police Department's gang and violent crime unit aided by the U.S. Marshals apprehended the suspects after they traced the usages of credit cards and DNA.

The moment I've heard gang unit, automatically assume Black suspect. Matter of fact, I expected that the conservatives and White extremist will automatically blame #BlackLivesMatter and Barack Obama for this.

Of course it merits a poll on The Blame Game.

Now that the Indianapolis Metro Police captured the suspects in the murder of Amanda Blackburn, who really takes the blame?
Quiz Maker

Now that you made the choice, I want to make it clear, that the suspects deserve the blame. Not President Barack Obama, #BlackLivesMatter, or the NRA.

It's unfortunate that gun crime is the NUMBER ONE THREAT in the United States. This is one of many incidents where firearms were used in the death of innocents. If the Republicans and Democrats lawmakers would look at gun crime as terrorism, they would see this type of stuff happen every freaking day in their states and districts. 

These two could face the gas house if they're found guilty.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Amanda Blackburn.

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