Sunday, November 22, 2015

Donald Trump Supporters Beats Down Black Lives Matter Activist!

Who is Trump going to piss off next?

It seems like The Donald wanted to ease tensions after a protester was roughed up at one of his rallies. He wanted to point out an ugly truth in the Black community. Unfortunately, he retweeted something that wasn't entirely right.
Regardless, they will stick to the script. 
He retweeted from the NewsNinja (aka Wayne Dupree), a Black conservative extremist who felt it would be actually right to point out "Black on whatever" crime.

Last year's FBI statistics show that the numbers in Trump's tweet are incorrect and appear to be aimed at perpetuating racist myths about black people and crime.

In 2014, about 82 percent of murders involving white victims were committed by other white people, while only 14 percent were committed by black people, according to the FBI.

Among murders involving black victims, just under 90 percent were committed by other black people, while 7 percent were committed by white people.

Crime experts have concluded that homicides are most likely to occur among people of the same race because people are usually murdered by someone they already know, and most people primarily know people of their own race.

The junk food media is buzzing about Donald Trump reposting this "statistic" on his official Twitter feed. This organization where he got this from doesn't exist.  Matter of fact, it's gotten the attention of #BlackLivesMattter.

The protester wore a #BlackLivesMatter shirt at a Birmingham event. Once he exposed it to the crowd, he got jacked up.

The Trump supporters gave him a serious beat down. Someone filmed it posted it on social media.

Trump's anti-immigrant and racist rhetoric is a hallmark of his presidential campaign and has incited racism from his supporters.
Still the front runner.
Trump subsequently defended the incident, calling the protester "a very obnoxious guy who was a troublemaker and he was looking to make trouble."

"Maybe he should have been roughed up," he said on Sunday.

Republicans and conservatives offer no real solutions to fixing America's problems. The only muscle being flexed by the candidates, the agitators and the lawmakers is their tongues.

Lack of  common sense, education and compassion are as American as apple pie.

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, Ben Carson and the rest of the clowns running for the Republican nomination have no guts. They a bunch of cowards.

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