Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Debate IV: The Curds Meet The Turds!

Another debate with no real answers. Just a lot of soapbox rhetoric.

The right wing business network hosts the debate in Milwaukee. The candidates meet once again for another round of bitching about President Barack Obama's policies and how they're going to stop Hillary Clinton.

The kiddie table debate.

Who won the lower tier debate?

Mike Huckabee
Bobby Jindal
Chris Christie
Rick Santorum
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Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee, and Rick Santorum.

Lindsey Graham and Jim Gilmore were banned from this debate.

Christie on economic growth. Christie wants to share a story about his experience in New Hampshire about a supporter having anxiety towards the economy. Of course, the Republicans stalled the president's policies. Christie vows to repeal the Dodd-Frank law. First one to drop Clinton's name in this.

Huckabee on manufacturing and technology. Brings up the tax code. Huckabee wants to pass the Fair Tax. He said that manufacturing jobs left since 2000. Huckabee complains about the trade agreements that advocated American companies to ship jobs overseas. Huckabee like Christie wanted to eliminate the IRS.

Santorum on payroll to job growth. Santorum said that if you can listen to how Democrats think. He points to the Democratic debate. He said that he's said that manufacturing should be released from the Obama regulations. He said that he can create a path to prosperity. He said that you don't need to go to college, just get out of high school and head to work.

Jindal on oil prices. Jindal is exiting after the runoff election. He was being asked about oil decline. Jindal dismissed the comments. He said that his state of Louisiana benefits from oil. He said that Obama's policies left people in poverty, stuck on food stamps and unemployed. He drops Clinton in his soapbox.

Christie on free stuff. Demcorats have promised to work for the middle class. Christie shrugged off the notion of being the party of selfishness. Christie bold face lied about the tax policies proposed by Bernie Sanders. He also said that he doesn't want government to be in the way.

Santorum on single parenting. Santorum wants to do something about the tax code. He wants to give tax credits to single families. He says that fathers aren't viable in the lives of children. He said that we should be more pro-family.

Huckabee on entitlement reform. He considered it suicide. He says that poor people are being punished when they are on welfare. He wants to

Jindal blast the four senators running on being inept. He said that some of the governors running are weak. Jindal dismisses his dismal record as governor of Louisiana. He said that Republicans should not be a carbon copy of the Democratic Party.

Huckabee says that as a governor he cut government. He blasted Jindal for targeting governors. Christie was tossed the ball.

Santorum blast Huckabee on government spending.

Christie on the debt. He said that Republicans shouldn't be fighting with each other. He said that Republicans should fight Hillary Clinton. She's coming for the wallet said Christie.

Santorum on bailout and auto industry. He said that Washington should not have bailed out the car industry. He thinks that the president is choking competition. Santorum is a supporter of the Import-Export Bank. Santorum wants to blast lawmakers for saying one thing but doing another.

Huckabee on refugee crisis. He said that we should not bring them here. He says that English should be the official language. He also said that the president hasn't helped Kurdish rebels.

Christie on national security. He says that Chinese doesn't respect Obama and Clinton. Christie said that he was a victim of the hacking scandal. If the Chinese commit cyber warfare under his watch he will let them have it. Christie will threaten to take on Chinese sovereignty

Jindal doesnt trust Obama on trade and the Iranian nuclear deal. Jindal says that why should we send a "big government" Republicans into Washington. He said that would favor trade deals but will not continue the policies placed by Bush and Obama.
The candidates once again debate economic issues.
Christie hits back on Jindal. He said that why would Jindal focus on Republicans. Christie said that Clinton is running to the left to meet up with Bernie Sanders. Jindal said that Christie expanded food stamps. Note that Hurricane Sandy was a factor. Jindal ignores the fact that Louisiana is the biggest precipitant of food stamps. Hurricane Katrina has destroyed lives. It's been over 10 years and the state is still not ready for another catastrophic storm.

Candidates asked on Obamacare. Santorum wants to rid of all Obamacare. Santorum says that Cruz wants to shut the government. Santorum says Bush wants a healthcare law that offers bigger entitlements. Jindal and Christie were blasted by Santorum. He told them that they need a juice box for their efforts. Santorum soapboxes on his days as a senator. He said that he will challenge the Clinton machine. Santorum ignores the infrastructure question.

Huckabee complains about the lawmakers ignoring the issues at the Veteran's Administration. Christie also made his concerns about the lawlessness of the Obama administration. Christie made a plug for the presidency.

Taxes became one of the topics for the candidates.

Santorum - 20% Flat Tax. Keep the Capital Gains Tax low. Don't allow state and local taxes to be meddled with. What he wants is 20% - 33%
Huckabee - Get rid of all taxes. He said that we should punish people for working hard. He wants to continue to pass this Fair Tax.
Jindal - 25%, 10%, 2%. Everyone should pay for something. Have some skin in the game. He said that out control spending is destroying the country.
Chrisite - 28% taxes and 8% for lower tier.

Santorum also said that he wants the government out of infrastructure. He shouts into his microphone saying that he's willing to push an agenda.

Huckabee on the Fair Tax. He said that his plan isn't the problem. He said that people will continue to have a little money in their pockets.

Jindal on eliminating the corporate tax. He vows to make everyone pay for something. He wants to downsize the IRS, repeal the death tax and take back America from Obama's grip on the economy.

I got bored with the debate. They were extremely inept candidates. The kiddie table was a huge bore.

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Who won this debate?

Donald Trump
Ben Carson
Carly Fiorina
Ted Cruz
Marco Rubio
Rand Paul
Jeb Bush
John Kasich
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The big debate with Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, and John Kasich.

Marie Bartiromo and Neil Cavuto were the main moderators and Wall Street Journal's Gerard Baker was the stand-in moderator.

The debate is on. The candidates were asked about the $15.00 minimum wage. Trump said that he will not support the rate hike. Carson was asked about it. Carson believes that people need to be educated on the minimum wage. He says that if we raise the wage, business will cut jobs. He complained about the Black unemployment. He said he will not support the rate hike.

Rubio on the Democrats and their free giveaways. He said that the American dream is universal. He said what makes America so better is the hard work of people. He also oppose the rate hike. He believes its a disaster. So he disparages the protesters. He wants tax reform and controlling the debt, repeal Obamacare, and get rid of "dead end" jobs.

The debt. Kasich was questioned on the debt nearly $20 trillion. Kasich brags about Ohio's turnaround. He said that he raised the minimum wage in the state. He said that people need help. He has a plan. His plan will cut taxes and lower rates for everyone. He promises he can balance the budget. He won't raise the minimum wage.

The IMF question. Cruz was asked on tax reform. He soapboxes on how he stood up to big government. He calls Obama's economy a disaster. He said that he will promote a Flat Tax. He said that he will repeal unnecessary regulations.

Kasich wanted to interrupt but Bush got into him about it. Bush is asked about people giving up on jobs. He slams Obama's policies. He wants to repeal the Clean Air Act. He wants to repeal the Clean Water Act. He believes that small business are the key to the nation's growth. He slams Clinton for grading Obama's economy as an A. He went into the soapbox of people being on food stamps, welfare and not working.

Fiorina on the economy recovery. She responds to the question by saying that she met a supporter who wondered how this country going to handle a potential Clinton presidency. Fiorina called Obama's government corrupt. She said that she wants to challenge the status quo. She wants to reform the tax code. She wants it limited to three pages. She will support a line item veto. She wants to hold government officials accountable. Take back our country came up in her soapbox.

Paul was asked about income inequality. Paul agrees with the notion. He believes that income inequality is blamed on Democrats who run the cities and states. He wants to end the Federal Reserve. He said that if you want a better economy, move to a Republican state.

Carson on his controversial lies. Carson responds with a snide remark towards Cavuto. Carson has no problem with talking to the junk food media. He has a problem when they deliberately distort the truth. Carson brings up Benghazi. He claims that Clinton talked to the Libyan leaders, and her daughter citing the September 11, 2012 attack as terrorism. He called Clinton a "liar".  He says he's an honest person.

Trump on the immigration reform and DAPA. Trump jumped for joy hearing the conservative court slam the president's executive orders. Trump says that immigrants are hurting the nation. He believes that drugs and crime and a weak border gives immigrants opportunities to take jobs from Americans . Trump wants to send people back. He said that if you don't like it, tough.

Kasich responds to Trump. Kasich believes that we should put up a wall. He said that its not possible to get rid of people. He said that we should push immigration reform. He believes its a silly argument. Trump slams Kasich for being inept. He said thank god Ohio has oil. Trump said that we have to get tough and quit being soft on immigration. Trump said that Jeb Bush should speak.

Kasich said that it's false for Trump to get rid of illegal immigrants. Trumps said that we're billions of dollars in debt. Bush made a snide remark towards Trump. Bush said that the candidates who believe that if we stick to anti-immigrant beliefs, Republicans might as well hand the election to Clinton.

Trump responds back. It's unfair to legal immigrants. He believes that they are

Rubio on technology. He said that we're behind in standards of education. He thinks that we could rid ourselves of unnecessary regulations, repeal Obamacare and better tax code the country will succeed.

Cruz on entitlement reform. He believes we should raise the retirement age. He said that Democrats are weak and if Republicans wants to be like them, they will lose. He didn't really ask the question. Cruz got applause for his soapbox on the junk food media. He believes that journalists should get a pay cut. He soapboxes about his history.

Fiorina on Obamacare regulations. She calls it "crony capitalism". Fiorina also blasted the law for being too long. She offers no alternative. She soapboxes on the "free market" nonsense. She says the "secret sauce" of the government is innovation. She says government crushes opportunities. When asked about an alternative, she said let the states decide on how to handle health care.

Carson on tax reform. He is in favor of a Flat Tax of 15%. Trump believes that wealthy should pay a little more. Carson thinks it's best to have proportionality. Carson wants to close tax loopholes and deductions. He wants to find ways to get people out of poverty.

Paul on blowing up the tax code. He wants a 14% Fair and Flat tax. He wants to have government so small you can barely see it. He wants to propose a balance budget that keeps the economy neutral. Paul supports the Mack Penny Plan.

Cruz on tax reform. He calls Washington a cartel. He says that he wants to eliminate the income tax. He wants a 10% flat tax across the line. He believes that taxes are hammering small business. Cruz makes a plug for his campaign during another stupid soapbox. He said he vows to destroy the IRS.

Bush on tax reform. He says that Obama and not George W. Bush ruined the economy. Even though Republicans opposed the president's policies for the last seven years it's Obama's fault.

Rubio on tax credits. He said the most important thing in his life is being a parent. He soapboxes on how the family is the key principle to the better tax code. He said that families are raising future taxpayers. He said that people are concerned with day to day means. Yet, he opposes the minimum wage.

Paul claims that Rubio's proposals are a government entitlement. Paul said that Rubio's plan is liberal. Rubio said that his tax plan is beneficial to the American family. Paul hits him on military spending. Rubio slams back on Paul being an isolationist. Rubio said that radical jihadist are trying to destroy us. He believes the Chinese are becoming a threat. Paul said that we're no safer from bankruptcy with these reckless military spending. Cruz jumped in. Cruz must defend this nation. He said that we will spend to secure the nation border. He wants sugar subsidies repealed. He wants to continue defense spending. Fiorina wants a zero based budget. Fiorina slams the senators for being all talk and no action.

Trump grumbles as he's not getting attention. Trump also said that we need a big military. He said Paul's strategy is weak.

Kasich complains about not getting any attention.

Trump slams China and the Asia-Pacific trade deal. He said trade deal being passed is terrible. He believes that lawmakers don't read bills. He cites Obamacare. He says that China, India and Russia mock Obama and America. He says that currency manipulation is a bad thing. He said we're losing jobs too damn fast.

Paul hits back by saying that Trump isn't correct. He said that China has no part in the Asia-Pacific deal. Paul got at Trump with his own comments. Paul says that government is inept in leading us through appropriate trade deals.

Terrorism in the world. Carson is against putting troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The 50 troops in Syria and 10,000 in Afghanistan question. Carson believes that Obama is being rolled by Vladimir Putin (of the Russian Federation). He said that the United States has to lead against global jihadist.

Homeland Security. Bush says the biggest threat is Islamic terrorism. Not gun violence. He said that the Islamic State gains are as big as Indiana. He believes in a NO FLY ZONE in Syria. He says we should put our trust in rebels who may have ties to other extremists. He says that Obama's policies aren't keeping us safe. He said that his brother G.W. Bush kept us safe.

Trump on Russia being the biggest threat to the United States. Once again ignoring gun violence. Trump says that Iran, North Korea and Russia are the biggest threats. He says Kim Jong-Un is a madman. He says let Russia spend their time fighting the battle. He says why should we continue to be the world's global leader. He says that America troops should focus on allies that help us when we need it. Trump rather see money invested in infrastructure.

Bush respond back. He says that leading from behind is not a game. He slams Trump. He says that we can't allow Russia to take control of Syria. He used the scare tactics of Christians being beheaded.

Trump hits back saying that we can't trust Bashir Al-Assad nor the rebels. If the U.S. takes a side then we will have another quagmire. Trump says that we should take Iraqi oil to pay for American troops and their families.

Fiorina hits back at Trump and Paul for showing weakness and lack of understanding. She also says that we should follow the Israeli model of military training. She also agrees with a NO FLY ZONE.

Fiorina also believes that Americans should be at the ready at the many bases in Western Europe.

Paul responds to Fiorina and Bush. He believe that the Republicans and Clinton are war mongers.

Trump knocks Fiorina for interrupting Paul. Kasich tries and fail. Paul snide remark to Fiorina also merit a boo from the crowd. Paul says that we should arm our enemies.

Rubio wanted to join this. Rubio called Putin a gangsta. He says that Russia is thinking about global conquest. He blast Obama for allowing it to happen. Rubio made a plug for Sheldon by mentioning Israel. Rubio soapboxes on Saudi Arabia's strict laws.

Kasich finally gets a question. He grumbles. The question on China. Kasich says that the U.S. will respond back to cyber threats. Kasich brings up his long past days as a congressman. He supports the NO FLY ZONE. Kasich also demands that Saudi Arabia cuts off the radical clerics and billionaires who support terrorism. Kasich says that the world should allow Israel to continue its sanctions on the Gaza Strip and West Bank. He says that the world shouldn't criticize Israel. He soapboxes on Clinton and Ohio. He made a snide remark towards talk time to the moderators.

Bush on bailing out banks and the automotive industry. Bush says that the Dodd Frank law is terrible. He believes that Clinton would continue full steam ahead on unnecessary regulations. Bush says that Clinton is a flip-flopper. Bush say that Obama's policies could cause another financial crisis.

Carson on big banks. Carson believes that we should have some control over the banks. He believes that corporations are artificially raising debt and its creating a bubble. Carson believes that Obama's policies have taken America's lead down. He say that middle class suffers from Clinton's proposals. He believes that taking rich people's money will not solve the problem. He said that doesn't want to break up the big banks.

Rubio also interrupted. He said that the government is responsible for the big banks. He said that the lobbyists are controlling the strings. He says that the "Too Big To Fail" phrase sticks when we have this bubble continue.

Kasich also interrupted. He said that those invested in the bank profit well. He said those on Wall Street are greedy. He says that we need values and ethics.

Cruz on punishing greed. Cruz would prosecute corporate greed. He said that he would not bail out the banks and automotive industry. Cruz also says that Democrats and Big Government Republicans are a rich man's best friend. Cruz brings up an African American supporter. He says that the IRS brings up unnecessary regulations to punish this supporter. Cruz said that the supporter went to court to fight the IRS and won. Cruz will let a major bank to fail. Cruz takes donations from big banks. The Republican senator continues another soapbox. He said he will not support Bank of America if it was struggling. He blames Obama's governance for corporate greed.

Kasich slams Cruz for being heartless. He said that Cruz is grandstanding. He said that why would you elect a candidate who would be happy you lose your earnings. He said that we need candidates who don't have compassion towards the little guy.

Kasich and Cruz get into a shouting match. Boos and hissing. Kasich said you can't turn a blind eye to watching a bank fail.

Fiorina says that government created the problem. She rehashes Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. She blames Bush and Obama for crony capitalism. She says that the Consumer Protection Bureau is socialism run amok.

I got to the point where it was getting boring. I had to end it quickly.

Let's get this straight. Who won the debate?

Lower tier debate: Chris Christie.

Main debate: Marco Rubio, Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina.

Who actually won the debate?

The junk food media. Once again letting these candidate unload without being checked.

Any thoughts on this debate?

It didn't have all the fireworks as the CNBC debate but it did have it's moments.

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