Friday, November 20, 2015

Conservatives Blame ALL Muslims For Terrorism!

Muslims are Americans too. The Republicans and their conservative allies are stroking fear once again against Muslims for short term gains.

One week since the mass shooting and bombing in Paris. We're still talking about it.

The word vomit  "radical Islam" is being spewed by conservatives. It's a fucking shame that even though most Muslims condemn violence, they are blamed for almost every terrorist attack happening in the world.

We just don't get it....

I mean how many terrorist attacks happened in the United States since 2001?

We have more mass shootings in the United States and most of these violent acts are committed by Americans who have easy access to obtaining firearms.

The inept Congress panicked. They decided to pass reactionary laws that violate our promise to a be a "beacon of freedom" in the world.

Republicans aided by a few Democrats passed a bill that would cease the influx of refugees from Syria for the time being. The Republican-sponsored bill would make the FBI director personally sign off any Syrian who manages to pass the background checks. It will keep Syrians from entering the country for an additional 40 months.

Many of the candidates still running are calling for a border closing at the U.S.-Mexico border and a religious test.

Ted Cruz sponsored a bill that will revoke one's U.S. citizenship if you have an ounce of support for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Rand Paul sponsored a bill that will deny Syrians the safety net if they have family members who support "radical Islam". Lindsey Graham wants troops on the ground in Syria to destroy the Islamic State.

The front runner Donald Trump would establish monitoring of mosques and vows to shut them down if they attempt to plot massacres of Americans.

Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee wants Christian Syrians to come only into the United States.

Ben Carson had posted an inaccurate map of the states that oppose Syrian refugees. He referred refugees as rabid dogs. Marco Rubio has decided to call it a "clash of cultures" and the fight is against "Islam".

They are calling for identification badges and special restrictions for worshiping Muslims.

There was vandalism on mosques. An Indiana man tried to rip off a woman's headscarf last month. The Ahmed Mohammed clock controversy was a hot button issue. The draw Mohammed contest sponsored by right wing extremist Pam Geller this year sparked outrage.

And who are the real radicals in the United States?

I know that Muslims in the United States hate to hear their religion be used in these tragic attacks overseas.

The blame game seems to be a seasoning on the shit salad the Republicans prepare for the American people. This year alone, they've been reactionary in almost every thing that's happened here and abroad.

Republicans have pushed hateful agendas against Muslims, BlackLivesMatter, immigrants from Mexico and Planned Parenthood. None of these agendas seem to work when they can't get them passed given a rational president is occupying the White House.

Again, I rather have a rational president than a bunch of shit throwing morons who flex their tongue instead of their brain. I rather not profile Muslims, Black and Latino people for being criminals. I rather not see myself arguing with trolls over my love/hate relationship for this country.

World News Today send our condolences to the victims of the Bali attacks.

According to the junk food media, there were gunman who stormed a Radisson Inn in Bamako, Mali. There were people killed and two of the gunman had held 140 guest and 30 workers hostage.

There were guest who came from Algeria, India, Chinese, Russia, Turkey, France, Moroccan, and the United States.

No word of any hostages besides the three (1 French and 2 Malian). The gunmen may have been killed in this attack.

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