Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Chicago Cop Indicted For The Murder Of Laquan McDonald! [NSFW]

The city is preparing for a major backlash. Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel and the police commissioner Gerry McCarthy urge the citizens to not rush to judgement. They urge the residents not use protest as a backdrop for unrest and violence.

The shooting of 17-year old Laquan McDonald became the shiny coin the junk food media is preparing to chase. Last October's shooting by the now fired Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke was much talked about in the Chicago junk food media.
Laquan McDonald was gunned down in cold blood by a cop. The cop is charged with murder.
It became a focal issue for the national agitators after a federal judge ordered the release of a graphic video showing Van Dyke shot Laquan numerous times without giving a since ounce of remorse.

The video is released and its bound to create some turmoil for the Chicago police.

Already there has been over 400 fatal gun shootings in the city alone. Many of the residents have such distrust for the law, they won't relinquish any information in spite of the rise in criminal activity.

The indictment of Van Dyke may give Laquan's family a chance to face the killer in the court of law.

Van Dyke is innocent until proven guilty. He is currently in special custody at the Cook County Lockup. Van Dyke is on suicide watch and couldn't get a "get out of free card" at this time.

The prosecutors concluded that Van Dyke concocted a story saying that Laquan lunged at him with a small pocket knife. He said that he shot Laquan in self-defense.

In the video, Laquan was running in the street. He was being cornered by the law. He turns away from them and that's when Van Dyke put the slugs in him.

The video is disturbing.
16 shots as described in the diagram. 
As many of you know, #BlackLivesMatter have been actively demanding for police reform and accountability in fatal police encounters with unarmed citizens. This is often ignored by the noise.

Usually the noise would be a concern troll who brings up false equivalencies about Black on whatever violence or gun violence in the Black community. Obviously the so-called People's sheriff David Clarke would spend more time on camera than actually doing his job. He will join the biggest concern troll on that right wing network to attack Laqaun.

I've listened to the annoying conservative agitator and that coon Kevin Jackson today debate that token liberal Tamara Holder. These nitwits were blubbering over Black crime and how the president isn't doing enough.
Van Dyke's mug in the Cook County lockup.
Like with terrorism, the conservatives seem to be fixated on how things are said instead of done.

That annoying conservative agitator continues to play this "name calling word vomit". He calls Emmanuel, "Dead Fish Rombo" and made the ridiculous claim that President Barack Obama doesn't talk about the gun violence in Chicago.

Those nitwits were obsessed with the allegations of Laquan having PCP in his system. What the fuck does that have to do with the video showing Van Dyke shooting Laquan at point blank range?

On that nightly disaster show, he debates the attorneys for Michael Brown, that racist dick Bo Dietl and coon Jackson. They were trying to bring up the numerous shootings and violent crime in the city.

The number one threat in the United States is gun violence.

To the conservatives, any mention of gun control is always applied to Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims. For the conservatives and National Rifle Association, gun rights are meant for Whites, cops and "patriots".

The right wing network spotted the Catholic pastor Michael Pfleger. That annoying conservative agitator was telling the reporter to corner him. That annoying conservative agitator has a compulsive obsession with attacking Chicago activists Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers.

The president has been actively talking about issues in his hometown. It's unfortunate that the conservative agitators and that Black coon Kevin Jackson are so deaf in their third ear.

Donald Trump also got into the fray by tweeting to his million supporters that Black crime is more a threat in America than gun crime.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Laquan McDonald. 

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