Monday, November 30, 2015

Black Pastors Cancel Trump Endorsement!

Trump has a Black supporter, retired NBA player Dennis Rodman.

Donald Trump was going to hold a press conference today. It was suddenly canceled after it was revealed that the people who planned on endorsing him for president backed down.

A group of 100 Black clergy men were supposed to meet privately with the Republican front runner at the Trump Tower this week. It was going to be followed by a press conference. That was canceled after many a backlash from members of the Black church.

Some of the members were concerned that their church may face scrutiny if they endorse him.

Some in the Black church believe that Trump and Ben Carson are too polarizing.

It didn't help much to find out that Trump retweeted a crime statistic that many saw as a racial dog whistle. To make it even more clear, he tweeted an organization that doesn't even exist. The statistic came from some White extremist website.

And the brutal take down of a #BlackLivesMatter activist at a Trump event in Alabama happened.

Matter of fact, did the Black community forget that Trump was constantly bugging for President Barack Obama's birth certificate.

Trump's biggest Black backers so far is Dennis Rodman and those two women who made a viral YouTube video slamming Megyn the Outrage Princess.

Even Hispanic and Black Republicans are concerned about the direction of the party.

This weekend Black conservative agitator CJ Pearson denounced the Republican Party when they ignored the obvious police brutality in the Laquan McDonald shooting.

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