Monday, November 23, 2015

Ahmed Mohamed Sues Irving, Texas!

Ahmed Mohamed sues the city of Irving.

The Texas teen who gained national fame for getting arrested after he brought a homemade clock to school is suing the city and school district for slander and ask for punitive damages. Ahmad Mohamed's family called the incident "unfortunate circumstances" and the treatment a "violation of his civil rights".

Ahmed's family hired lawyers and they are demanding $15 million in damages and a public apology from the Republican mayor who went on television to slander him.

According to his the lawyers, his civil rights were violated and he and his family have suffered physical and mental anguish as a result of his arrest over a homemade clock, which teachers at MacArthur High School believed was an explosive device.

Ahmed, a young engineer and fan of robotics, modified a pencil case to work as a clock and brought it to school in September, with the intention, he said, of impressing his teacher. He was, however, later accused of trying "to make a bomb," pulled out of class, sent to the principal's office, threatened with expulsion and led out of the school in handcuffs.

In letters to the City of Irving and the Irving Independent School District, Ahmed's attorneys say the way the school and police officials treated him was motivated by "rancid, openly discriminatory intent." Ahmed was targeted "because of his race, national origin, and religion," the letters continue.

It attracted national attention. Ahmed was getting praised from President Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Tim Cook of Apple, the Council on American Islamic Relations and support from #BlackLivesMatter.

The hashtag #IStandWithAhmed became a viral sensation. Many in the junk food media have figured that the school district went overboard.

The concern trolls on the other hand, were blasting the president and Ahmed for "politicizing" the situation. One in particular, a pint size carnival barker named C.J. Pearson went on social media to blast Ahmed for playing the "race card" and being down right dishonest about his clock. C.J, one of the conservative agitators in the junk food media also attacked the president for inviting Ahmed to the White House when he didn't invite the family of murder victim Kate Steinle. C.J. is a Black conservative agitator who rose to fame calling the president "anti-American" for not saying "radical Islam".

That right wing network and conservative blogs were snuffing through the shit trying to find something to stick on Ahmed.

Some of the Republicans in the clown car attacked Ahmed. One being Ted Cruz, the Republican senator from Texas. He believed that Ahmed was using this an opportunity to push a radical agenda.

Ahmed will certainly attract conservative outrage in the coming days. Stay tune for the overreaction from the Republicans and their conservative agitating allies.

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