Monday, October 05, 2015

Wife Of Iced Officer Involved In Police Vehicle Accident!

Montgomery County Sheriff's deputy involved in an accident. Bombshell, this is the wife of a deputy who is on ice after he killed Donate Martin.

I was asleep this morning when I was awaken to sirens this morning.

I didn't know what had happen until I turned on the local junk food media. They were reporting a deputy was involved in an accident near my home.

The deputy crashed into another vehicle. The deputy said that she had the lights and sirens on when she was heading to another crash on Interstate 75 near the Needmore Road exit. The deputy and driver of the other vehicle were taken to the hospital.

The accident happened on Shoup Mill Road and Riverside Drive in Harrison Township.

The sheriff's SUV took a flip and the driver's car took a trip into the woods. I can tell you straight up from watching the video, the deputy was going 65 in a 40 mph zone. The driver of the vehicle who turned from Riverside to Shoup Mill Road turned at a point where the deputy was maneuvering through the road.

The Ohio State Patrol and Montgomery County Sheriff are investigating who's at fault.

The junk food media releases the name of the deputy.

Her name is Amber Haas. I am guessing that this is the wife of the iced deputy who shot two suspects in the same year. One of the suspects that this deputy bucked made national headlines.

Earlier this year, Montgomery County Ohio sheriff deputies Josh Haas and Gust Teague were put in the freezer after they put the lead in Donate Martin. They claim that Donate was reaching for a firearm and they had no choice but to neutralized the threat. The dashcam wasn't even on.

They're still in the freezer pending a grand jury decision on whether this merits a criminal trial.

Yeah, we can also say that Haas and his buddies profiled me this year.

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