Friday, October 02, 2015

Umpqua College Shooting: The Blame Game Continues!

We mourn with UCC.

The names of the victims were released tonight. The Thursday shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseberg, Oregon have once again brought to the forefront the gun debate.

Lucero Alcaraz of Roseburg -- 19 years old.
Quinn Glen Cooper of Roseburg -- 18 years old.
Kim Saltmarsh Dietz of Roseburg -- 59 years old.
Lucas Eibel of Roseburg -- 18 years old.
Jason Dale Johnson of Winston -- 33 years old.
Lawrence Levine of Glide -- 67 years old. Mr. Levine is the teacher.
Sarena Dawn Moore of Myrtle Creek -- 44 years old.
Treven Taylor Anspach of Sutherlin -- 20 years old.
Rebecka Ann Carnes of Myrtle Creek -- 18 years old.

These innocent lives were lost to a terrorist who had mental issues. However, the partisan agitators have found the real person who committed the criminal act. They fingered President Barack Obama for "politicizing" a tragedy.

The first thing that came out the gate was the Douglas County sheriff. He is under heavy criticism after it was revealed that he wrote to Vice President Joe Biden denouncing the gun control proposals.

He once told Biden that his coalition on gun violence is a bunch of bullshit.

Matter of fact, he was a Sandy Hook kookspiracy nut. While he's entitled to his opinion on gun control, he was unaware of the tragedy that would soon hit his town. The city of Roseberg hasn't had this type of tragedy happen since the high school shooting almost 10 years ago.

Douglas Sheriff John Hanlin saw Newtown happen before his eyes. The murder of innocent lives at the hands of a coward at Umpqua Community College. And he's still not budging on gun control.

Like in my earlier post, I've said that I don't give two fucks about the terrorist's race, motives, political views, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion and social life.

The right already said he's of "mixed race" and a supporter of BlackLivesMatter. There's a claim that the terrorist singled out Christians.

The left already said he's a "conservative Republican" and a supporter of radical groups like the Irish Republican Army and a gun aficionado.

None of this stuff matters. What matters is the police's official report and the terrorist's manifesto.
Karma. Oregon sheriff is catching flack for slamming the families of Sandy Hook. Republican sheriff slammed Vice President Joe Biden and the president over gun control.
Obviously, his social media will open the door to why he committed this act.

In my opinion, I see a callous murderer of innocent lives. Nothing more.

I'm trying my best to not blame people for the terrorist's actions.

Like I've said, I wouldn't dream of harming those because of failure.

I own firearms. I don't have no reason to use them in any event. I've been spurned by women. I've lost my great job. I currently work at a job that I can't stand. I drive a crappy car. I've been profiled by law enforcement and I've been robbed by thieves.

Yet despite all the bad luck, I don't go around saying I'm going to kill the world for my failures.

People with mental issues are often the reclusive, the rejected, the spurned, the loner and the forgotten.

It's time to change course. We need a real discussion on gun control!

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