Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The Law Cuffs Ohio Woman After She Tears Up The Bus!

Stun gun pulled on bus driver photo
Woman attacks bus driver like a monster.

A story that happened to get a bit of national attention. The bad behavior of a young mother acting a damn fool on public transit. The woman gets into a verbal argument with the bus driver. The two exchange words and within a few minutes, all hell breaks loose.

The racist right will head over to the White extremist websites to slam her, President Barack Obama, Black Lives Matter and Rev. Al Sharpton for the antics of an unruly bus rider.

The woman threatens the bus driver with the Taser she pulled out her diaper bag. As in the video, you actually see the woman turn on the Taser and lunge at her.

The law would quickly apprehend her after she exit the bus with her infant son.

She gets national exposure and condemnation. She will end up getting her fair share of death threats.

On Monday, the Dayton Police were called to the location of Edwin C. Moses Boulevard. The law had got tipped of an unruly passenger on a local RTA bus.
Greater Dayton RTA is trying to disspell negative image.
The woman now identified as Tymeisha Williams got upset over a sudden stop which caused her infant son's stroller to tip over.

The bus driver admits that words were exchanged. She was visibly upset over this confrontation.

The driver wrote in her statement that she had an emergency call from her daughter. The daughter was being rushed to the hospital for an emergency C-section. The driver taken the call from her daughter and probably missed the stop Williams wanted. So the sudden stop caused her to jilt and her son's stroller to tip over. When the driver stopped, Williams verbally complained about the driver's irresponsibility. The two get into a shouting match. The bus driver told her to exit the bus or she'll call the law. Williams said that she'll give put her ass in the hospital with her shocker.

After Williams was cuffed, she was resisting arrest. Once she was placed in the vehicle, Williams bangs her head on the window and screams loudly. They had to place her in shackles on her way to the county lockup.

The Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority bans the passenger.

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