Friday, October 16, 2015

The Fox In The Hen House!

The right wing network got embarrassed by this phony analysis. 

It seems like Hillary Clinton got her groove back. The junk food media declared Clinton the winner of the Democratic debate. The debate has gotten her out of the slump.

When everyone thought that it could be over for her, she bounces back.

The Democrats were praising her and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for hammering Republicans.

Sanders gave Clinton the best defense by saying "no one gives a damn about your emails!"

I agree. It's not a real issue. It's a fucking distraction. But to the Republicans and their allies in the junk food media, full steam ahead.

Clinton is preparing for her arrival to Congress for her testimony on the emails and server. But she will be prepared to fight the Republicans. After all, they gave her enough ammunition to fire back at them.

The Republicans are upset that their goal to take Clinton down is falling apart. They blame the establishment for failing to stop her.

The Majority Leader (for now) Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) let the cat out the bag. He appeared on that annoying conservative agitator's program. He declared that the House putting the Benghazi panel together managed to take Clinton's polls down. The Democrats seized upon the comments. The junk food media said that it's a wrap, the Republicans can't deny this anymore.Then a couple of Republican appointed investigators have decided to air out their grievances about how Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is making this a totally partisan issue.

Then of course there's this guy. Wayne Simmons.

Simmons claimed he was a former CIA operative who served in some real dangerous missions.

He would appear on that network as a "terrorism expert". He would devote his time to trashing President Barack Obama. He said that Obama has "no spine" and would resort to insulting his leadership as commander-and-chief.

It turns out the network that's totally devoted to exploiting Benghazi hired this guy. The feds decided to pull curtain back and hook him. He's being charged with some real serious shit.

If convicted, Simmons could face decades in federal time out for all counts, including 20 years for wire fraud, 10 years for major fraud against the U.S, and 5 years for false statements.
Roger Ailes is the president of the right wing network. His underlings didn't vet the fraud.
As part of the indictment, Simmons is also accused of defrauding a victim out of $125,000 in a real estate-related scam.

The network's spokeswoman told CNN that Simmons was an "unpaid guest" and never a host for the station, and declined further comment. He was a paid commentator that was on that network since 2002.

Does this network vet guests or commentators?

CNN pointed out that Simmons had a pattern of making “extreme and factually dubious” claims about terrorism, including a claim in January that there were “at least 19 paramilitary Muslim training facilities in the United States.”

He also denied waterboarding was torture and said that Obama was a “novice who lacked a spine,” according to CNN.

Officials told that network that there had been suspicions about Simmons’ resume which were stirred when questions were raised with various government agencies about his statements.

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