Tuesday, October 27, 2015

So Where's The Video Of The Teen Hitting Disgraced SC Cop?

The teen struggled when the cop put his arm around her neck and chest.

Didn't take long for the conservative agitators to defend the South Carolina cop who body slammed a teen inside a classroom. Of course, they blame President Barack Obama.

The president was in Chicago discussing gun violence. Of course, this is nothing new for the president when it comes to addressing this issue. He's been practically saying this stuff since the first time he's addressed a mass shooting under his watch.

That annoying conservative agitator and many like him are concern trolling yet again.

The now viral video of a South Carolina deputy body slamming and dragging a teen in a school classroom became a rally cry to address police brutality. The deputy Ben Fields is on ice pending a misconduct charge or discipline termination.

The video seen across the world shows the officer using brutal force on the teen.

Unfortunately the #AllLivesMatter crowd believes the video doesn't really show the real reason to why the deputy used force.

The Richland County Sheriff says that there's a video showing the teen shoving the deputy.

So why wasn't this published on social media?

Sheriff Leon Lott is saying that while he believes that the actions of Fields were
disgusting, the actions of the teen sparked the takedown.

So there's a third video of the teen trying to throw a punch at the deputy!

Well there's a part where the teen did strike when Fields puts his arm around her neck almost choking her. Do you want a man to put his arm around your neck when you refuse to leave a seat?

Again, would you want your child or you be tossed around like that? 

The law would often do a document dump to take the heat off their officers. Hence for the James Comey comments. Isn't withholding evidence a part of the Ferguson Effect?
The biggest concern troll to exist in the media believes the girl deserved it.
Again, there's no war on the police. There's a rally for police reform. #BlackLivesMatter wants reform and fair treatment when engaging with the law.

The blue wall of silence is "NO SNITCHIN".

The law will lie when they justify use of force, an issuing of a citation, and unlawful searches of your vehicle and home. The YouTube effect does help address police brutality. The junk food media sponges off social media. They will get involve after the story becomes a viral sensation.

#BLACKLIVESMATTER would not exist if they would have held George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson accountable for their reckless actions.

Congress is still inept. The Republicans will not address police reform and gun control.

As of right now, the FBI and South Carolina State Police are investigating the deputy.

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