Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ohio Man's Road Rage Incident Was Racially Motivated!

Enon man charged in road rage incident photo
Ohio man threatened to run over a Black motorist after a road rage confrontation.

There was an incident on Dayton roads last month. Two men were engaged in an apparent road rage incident in which the suspect would follow the victim to a shopping center in Sugarcreek Township.

They exchanged words and threats. But when the engagement came to blows, the suspect would rev up his vehicle and run over the victim.

The victim would have some minor injuries. The witness would get the license number of the suspect.

The suspect was eventually caught and taken into custody. Some claim that the suspect may have had a racially motivated agitation towards the victim.

Now this Enon, Ohio man has a court date. He may face up to ten in the iron college for attempted murder. Christopher F. Pitstick, 28 is the name of the suspect.

The victim talked to the junk food media. He forgives Pitstick. However, he believes that the suspect needs time to think about what he did.

Pitstick is innocent until proven guilty. But if found guilty, he will spend time in the iron college and of course lose his license for a long ass time.

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