Saturday, October 24, 2015

Megyn Kelly Piss Parades On Clinton's Great Week!

Megyn The Outrage Princess upset over Hillary Clinton's great week.

This appears to be a great week for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. The former Secretary of State made the Republicans look foolish Thursday.

One agitator isn't a happy camper.

She is practically pissed that the junk food media decides to call the win for Hillary Clinton.

Megyn the Outrage Princess and her right wing network have devote the most coverage to the September 11th, 2012 attacks at U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

She went as far to invite relatives of the victims on her program to trash Clinton.

Megyn and her colleagues over at that network have been relentless on this controversy. They are deliberately pointing the finger at Clinton instead of the criminals. They want to make the narrative that Clinton didn't care about the lives of those lost in that tragedy.

Megyn brought up an email uncovered yesterday showing Clinton emailing the Egyptian prime minister saying they knew the Benghazi attack was not about the anti-Muslim YouTube video, but was instead a planned terrorist attack.

The conservative agitator said this was a pretty big deal, but instead the media narrative has been of the “she won, it’s over, move on” variety.

Yeah, we want to move on.

With the junk food media being focused on Clinton, it took the spotlight off of Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Matter of fact, Clinton doesn't really have any real threats besides Bernie Sanders.

Her rivals Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee bowed out. Martin O'Malley is a blip on the radar. Vice President Joe Biden isn't running. Democrats finally are warming to Hillary Clinton.

Seems like she's got the advantage in this race.

Now the conservatives are trying to refocus on other non-issues. The conservative Craigslist tried to make the issue about her health after Clinton coughed for a moment. Some kooks wrote books trying to paint Clinton as a "bitch" and "lesbian". They hope she gets sent to federal time out for having a personal server.
Republicans and their conservative allies are extremely desperate. They thought that Clinton was down for the count.  They were hoping to weaken Clinton before she would become the nominee.

It was a "game changer" when Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) went on that annoying conservative agitator's right wing carnival to boldly claim that the Benghazi committee was devoted to hurting Clinton at the polls.

The Democrats and many political analysis said that the "cat's out the bag".

The Select Committee Hearing on Benghazi didn't net anything new. Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and six other Republicans thought the hearing would take Clinton off her game.

They thought wrong.

For nearly 11 hours, Republicans tried and tried to bring up issues other than what happened that dreadful night in September. Four Americans lost their lives to a deliberate attack.

The Benghazi committee hearings have surpassed investigations into Watergate. This investigation has surpassed the September 11th, 2001 commission reports. Now many are hoping that the Benghazi controversy is over.

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