Monday, October 19, 2015

The Death Of Janiya Thomas May Have Mom Facing Murder Rap!

Florida prosecutors are going to probably charge negligent mom with involuntary manslaughter. Her daughter Janiya Thomas was found inside a freezer. The state had concerns that "mother of the year" Keishanna Thomas abused her five children.

A Florida mom may face LIFE in the iron college for the involuntary death of Janiya Thomas. The woman Keishanna Thomas is being accused by the law of being a negligent mother to her five children. When the law removed the children from her home, they were wondering where's Janiya?

The mother clammed up. She didn't know anything. For all she knew, Janiya ran away.

The little girl was missing for over a year. Today, the junk food media broke the news. A tragic ending came when the law found the body of a child inside a freezer found inside a backyard. The law found probable cause to charge the mother.

Janiya and her four siblings were victims of abuse. Now Florida may put this mom in the clinker because of her bad parenting.

The Bradenton Police have put Thomas in lockup. Thomas charged with contempt of court for refusing to produce her daughter or tell a judge whether the girl was alive.

The case began Sept. 23, when Janiya's brother, a 12-year-old boy, reported that his mother was abusing him, Racky said.

Child protective workers removed four children, between 2 and 15 years old, from the Thomas’ home, and realized from previous work with the family that Janiya was missing.

Keishanna Thomas is also being held on an aggravated child abuse charge, according to jail records.

Janiya suffered from a digestive disorder that involved uncontrollable bowel movements, and her mother kept her in a bathroom, Brandenton police spokesman James Racky said.

Janiya’s grandmother and aunt heard a news report that the girl was missing, they broke open the locked freezer to find the little girl's body. The girl has suffocated inside the freezer.

He said police have determined the identity of a man who helped move the freezer to the grandmother’s house on Wednesday and hope he will be able to identify the body and explain why it was moved.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Janiya Thomas. The little girl's life was cut short by an unintentional accident. Now the consequences will have her mother spending the rest of her life in the iron college. If found guilty, this mother may never see her four other children grow up.

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