Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Huckabee: Trusting Bernie Sanders Is Like A Hungry Korean Around A Dog!

A joke that fell extremely flat.

They don't believe in political correctness. So it's no surprise that this clown made that joke.

It fell flat just like his poll numbers. Mike Huckabee is no stranger to controversy. He's often saying stupid things while pretending to be a Christian moralist.

This is the clown who defended the ugly troll in Kentucky who tried to deny marriage licenses to gay couples. Yeah, she had an opportunity to met Pope Francis last month. It was one of the biggest things to happen to the ugly troll. Unfortunately, the Pope had to wash his hands of the nasty and take his campaign to New York to feed the homeless.

Huckabee and the religious right wanted to make her a martyr to religious freedom.

So far it's backfired. The feds might throw her back in the iron college. The marriage licenses are under scrutiny. Some say that the licenses were altered. The ugly troll may have ran a bait-and-switch on some of the licenses.
Dog gone it. Bernie Sanders is getting much needed attention.
Nonetheless her biggest supporter is struggling in the polls. He's being clobbered by the inept insurgents. Donald Trump and Ben Carson. They are still leading despite the media getting really tried of them.

Republicans feel that a new face is better than a perennial candidate like Huckabee.

As the Democrats wrapped up their first debate, Huckabee went to social media to complain about how "boring" the debate was. He also wanted to make the world scared of a "Democratic Socialist".

It's true that Koreans do cook dogs for consumption. It's a controversial practice. Some people believe that eating dog meat is for medicinal usage.

Many activists slam the idea. The inhumane slaughter of dogs makes the motive even more controversial.

Any thoughts on the controversial comments from this perennial loser?

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