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Goon Squad: The CNBC Republican Debate!

Who won the debate? Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Who really won the night? Hillary Clinton.

Debate night! The third Republican debate is happening tonight.

CNBC and the Colorado Republican Party host the debate at the University of Colorado in the lovely liberal city of Boulder.

I've heard Republican candidates got upset over the green room. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Chris Christie were pissed that they had smaller green rooms compared to Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

We had an opportunity to hear the four lower tiers have their debate. Unfortunately I didn't get an opportunity to hear them. I will talk about them in the later.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum and George Pataki have their opportunity to debate economic issues.

Jim Gilmore was barred from the debate because he's the "officially last candidate". That title normally would have went to Rick Santorum.

The debate begins with the candidates. CNBC moderators were John Harwood, Carl Quintanilla, and Becky Quick (additional questions will be asked by Rick Santelli, Sharon Epperson, and Jim Cramer).

The Republicans were really downright rude towards the moderators. Even if the questions were "biased", they should have sucked it up and answered them. 

Greatest Weakness: The most toughest question for the candidates is what is their biggest weakness and how can they improve it. After all, they all believe they're not "weak!"

Ohio governor John Kasich's weakness "deflection". He didn't answer the question.

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee's weakness "I tried to follow the rules".

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush's weakness "anger".

Florida senator Marco Rubio's weakness "deflection". He didn't answer the question.
Bad blood between Bush and Rubio. Questions over Rubio's lack of voting record came into the debate.
Reality television star and real estate mogul Donald Trump's weakness "trust too many politicians".

Former neurosurgeon and conservative agitator Benjamin Carson's weakness "not seeing myself ready for the job".

Former HP CEO and U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina's weakness "no personality".

Texas senator Ted Cruz's weakness "too agreeable to the status quo".

New Jersey governor Chris Christie's weakness "deflection". He didn't ask the question. Slipped Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders into the debate.

Kentucky senator Rand Paul's weakness "deflection". He didn't answer the question and threaten another filibuster on the debt ceiling.

This became a heated moment already in when the panel asked Trump about his tax plan. Kasich got a little testy with Trump and Carson earlier. Kasich decided to jump in and interrupt the moderators.

The question for Carson was about his economic policies. He struggled to answer that question.
The Paul campaign complains about the green room space.
Kasich is trying his "Hail Mary" tactic. He goes after Trump and Carson. Trump hits him hard with Lehman Brothers and the hypocrisy on being the "nice guy" in the room. Carson hits back on Kasich on the hypocrisy.

Cruz rolled out his tax policy. He wants the flat tax and a business flat tax for corporation and hedge funds.

Fiorina slams the candidates for taking about saying they can do something but end up breaking their promises. She said that the politicians and "cutting taxes" talk is getting old. She wants the tax code lowered to three pages instead of 70,000.

Rubio was asked the question of being inept. Rubio is not voting on the floor. He blames the media for calling him out on his dismal record. Rubio brings up Bob Graham, Barack Obama and John Kerry's record in the senate. Out of the three, Barack Obama became the president. Rubio wants to say that "everyone in the establishment" wants him gone. He said that the "gotcha" questions are the reasons for why Republicans distrust the junk food media. He said that Obama's policies aren't working.

Bush got into the mix by saying that Rubio is wasting tax payer dollars. Rubio said Bush is wasting his time on attacking him. Rubio went there. He said that Bush wants to be like "John McCain".

Bush slammed the four Republican senators for stalling government. Bush also had to answer why he was sinking in the polls.

Fiorina was asked about her cannon firing at HP. She said that she made difficult moves and told the story of buying Gateway and Compaq computers. She admits that disagreements between her bosses.

HP founder Tom Perkins believes that rich people should influence elections. Fiorina deflected from the question by saying that "she had disagreements" and she believe he's wrong on the statement.

Cruz was asked about the debt ceiling and fiscal budget deal. Cruz answered back saying that he is sick and tired "media's gotcha" moments. Cruz had his gotcha moment. Blaming the media and the Democratic debate on CNN for the lack of fireworks. Cruz went there. He said that the moderators would not vote for them. Cruz didn't answer the question on the budget deal. Cruz deflects the potential government shutdown question.

Paul was asked the same question. Paul said that the Congress failed the American people for picking Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as the Weeper of the House. He also claimed that the Republicans are wasting their time on caving to the president and establishment.

Christie was asked about the retirement age. He deflects from the question. He said the government lied to you about the benefits. He also said that over 3/4th of the government spending goes to entitlements. He brings up Clinton and the claims that she wants to raise taxes on the middle class and the poor.
Christie dropped Clinton's name more than the rest of the candidates on stage.
Huckabee responds back with a snark. He was finally asked a question and an opportunity to respond to the claims by Christie. Huckaebee slams the candidates for thinking about cutting social security benefits. Christie responds back by saying that this saying it's a "Fantasy for lawmakers" to believe that social security isn't being wasted.

Cruz made a remark to the marijuana legalization and finally responds to the social security benefits. Still not responding back to the government shutdown threats.

Huckabee believes that the government "mugged" those on social security.

Trump was asked about bankruptcy and Atlantic City. He also went on to slam New Jersey (i.e. Chris Christie). He said that Atlantic City is falling apart. Trump said that he never filed for bankruptcy.

He said that it's disgraceful for the city to be in an economic crisis. Given the Hurricane Sandy destruction, the city has suffered from years of casino

Carson was asked about the douchebag who tried to rise up HIV/AIDS treatment. Carson said that the government shouldn't often get involved in the price.

Christie was asked about the bank bailouts and the corporations rolling out dangerous products. As usual, Christie claimed that the government is selective on who's they charge for criminal misconduct. He claims that David Patereus was driven down because of the government. He said that he would throw any corporate individual responsible for the death,

Bush was asked about the "DAY ONE" question. Bush said the infamous "Put me in". Bush used the Obama bipartisan deals for his answer. Bush said that he cut taxes and will not allow Clinton to become a "third term of Obama".

Kasich dropped the nice guy act.
Fiorina on the internet sales tax. She deflects to corny capitalism. She falsely describes socialism. Fiorina believes that the internet sales tax is wrong. She said the government crushes small business.

Rubio was asked about ethics and fiscal responsibility. He said that he's not going to answer these "bogus" questions. He said that he was more focused on dealing with issues for the middle class. Rubio also said that he's not worried about his problems. He wants to deal with the economy. The moderator asked the question about why he chose to do this stuff once he gotten elected. She even brought up the fact he made a lot off a book deal. Rubio went there. He said that he appreciates the book plug. He said that she should read it sometime which got an applause line.

Kasich was asked the question on the import/export bank. Kasich said that we should apply fair wages to everyone. He brags about how he turned Ohio around. He deflects from answering the question. He said that he has a tax reform plan that will cut entitlements and vows to grow the economy.

Cruz was asked on working women. Cruz said that the economy must be turnaround. He blames the Democrats for tort lawyers. He tells a personal story about his siblings and family members being single parents. He said that single mothers deserve respect. He said that the Obama economy is hurting the single mothers. He slams the rich and the well off. He said that he is willing to fight for those left behind.

Fiorina said that Clinton is divisive on women's issues. Fiorina blames Obama for the first year of his presidency when the recession hit. He inherited an economy in shambles.

Carson on Costco and domestic partner benefits. Carson said that he has no problem with the LGBT community. He said that he defines marriage between man and woman. He said that the media mistaken his comments about gay marriage. He said that the Left divides Americans with political correctness. Of course, deflecting the question on Costco's worker friendly policies.

Carson was called out on his pharmaceutical ties. The crowd booed the moderator when he question his judgement (or vetting). Carson slammed the moderator by saying that he didn't approve of his likeness in any advertising.

Rubio on technology and immigration reform. Moderator slipped on calling Huckabee. Rubio was asked about hiring immigrants. Rubio wants to get vocational training for American students. Rubio also said that Canada and other countries are taking away good paying jobs.

Trump on immigration reform and questioned about Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg comments. Trump slammed the moderator on the question. Trump said that he's not asking for donations. He self funding his campaign. He slams Rubio, Bush and Carson for taking superpac money. He deflect from the question.

Rubio said that the Democrats had the ultimate "superpac" the junk food media.

Cruz on the Federal Reserve. Cruz wants to "Audit the Fed". Stealing a line from Ron Paul. He also stole the thunder from Rand Paul. Cruz said that feds should stop juicing the economy. He will not support any raise to the interest rate and debt ceiling.

Paul also thanked Cruz. Paul said that Ben Bernake is wrong on calling them Know-Nothings. Paul also said that he appreciates that Cruz will endorse Paul's proposal to filibuster the debt dela.

Carson on government subsidies. Carson said that he was wrong on taking subsidies. He said that wants to rid the country of "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" policies. Took a dig at Bernie Sanders.

Huckabee railed against income inequality. Question on how to deal fairly. Brought up the military defense blimp slipping away today. He said that government is willing to take more and give out less.

Huckabee got testy about not getting talk time.

Bush on tax reform. Asked about the capital gains tax. Why would he tax labor more than investors?

Bush responds to the question.

Rubio on tax reform. He believes that a story from the Tax Foundation is a farce. He said that his tax plan is pro-growth.

Paul got testy about getting response time. Paul talks about his tax proposal.

Cruz also got his turn to plug his tax proposal. Cruz believes he can eliminate the IRS and have taxes done on a postcard.

Kasich on Issue 2 and 3. The state is proposing legalizing marijuana. If passed, only in ten Ohio counties, marijuana will be legally distributed. It will be greatly regulated by the state. He talks about heroin and income inequality. He wants to eliminate the U.S. Department of Education. He wants to cut welfare and Medicaid.

Trump on immigration reform. The moderator brings up Trumps slam on Zuckerberg and Rubio. He strongly believes that immigrants are fine to come in, as long as they're legally. Moderator brought up Trump's own website for the question and jab at Rubio.

Rubio said that permanent resident rules should be changed.
Did anyone watch them?
Trump on gun free zones. Trump believes that gun free zones are a disaster. Trump would feel comfortable about his employees having firearms on his properties. Trump brings up the government being predictable and giving our strategies to the enemy.

Huckabee on morals. He claims that New York and Los Angeles values aren't American. Huckabee was asked about Trump. Huckabee said that he won't answer questions about Trump. He said he rather allow Trump be president over Hillary Clinton. Huckabee said he's the "only guy" that fights the Clinton machine and the junk food media. Huckabee wore a tie from the Donald Trump Collection. The question asked to Huckabee netted boos.

Christie interrupted the question on control. He brings up the James Comey and Black Lives Matter comments. He claims that crime is going up because of the alleged "Ferguson Effect". Christie claims that the president doesn't support those in law enforcement.

Fiorina on 401K and retirement benefits. Fiorina believes that Clinton policies will destroy the 401K system. She believes the government is too big and will destroy families lives.

Kasich on student loans and debt. Kasich said that he will change the system. He brags about proposals the state has on college tuition and college tenure.

Bush respond back. He said that Kasich's policies are great. He believes the states should have the power to control colleges.

Bush on fantasy sports being considered gambling. Bush said that it's gambling. He believes that fantasy sports betting should be regulated.

Christie respond back quickly. He said that it's ridiculous for us to talk about it. He said that we should worry about the Islamic State, closing the borders and focusing on fixing the economy.

Christie went there. He got smart with the moderator. He told the moderator to stop interrupting him.

Christie is talking about climate change. He believes that we can change the direction of oil. He said that he's open to coal, solar and wind.

Paul on Medicare. Paul believes that the private sector handles health care better than the government. He believes that the government is taking advantage of the system. He would gladly change the Medicare system.

Huckabee and Bush responds back to question given to Paul on Medicare.

Bush on economy and Trump's proposals. Trump answered that we need to bring jobs back to America. He talked about Nabisco shipping down to Mexico. Bush said that the wealthy should be banned from taking the same benefits that the middle class earned.

Kasich interjected in the Medicare question. He agrees with Trump and Bush on most of what they've said.

Paul thinks that the policies proposed by Trump, Bush and Kasich are wrong. He believes that we should raise the retirement age. Christie wanted to interrupt but was cut off quickly.

Carson was asked about Medicare. Carson would love to replace Medicare with health savings accounts. Christie was asked about the Medicare question as well. He believes that the retirement age should be raised. Christie also slams the moderators on CNN. He said that the Democrats are devoted to giving away the farm. Rubio also agreed with the notion that media is devoted to not electing Republicans. Fiorina said the candidates need to stop grandstanding on promises and actually do something.

Paul gets closing statements. He wants small government. He said that he will vow to stop the bipartisan deal by Boehner and McConnell.

Christie gets closing statements. He said that we should be pissed at Washington. He said that he will take on the problems hands down.

Cruz gets closing statements. He said that he is proud standing up to Obama and Republican lawmakers. He said that he will continue his crusade against Obamacare, Planned Parenthood and executive orders.

Fiorina gets closing statements. She said that politicians are all talk and no action. She said that she would love to take on Clinton. She will cut the government to the bare bone.

Carson gets closing statements. He thanks the candidates for not going after him. He also thanks the audience and candidates for slamming the moderators and their questions. He said that political correctness is ruining our country.

Trump gets closing statements. He said that our country is losing. He said that we need to eliminate the debate times. He said that we need to keep the debates short. He said that we have to keep our conversations short and simple.

Rubio gets closing statements. He said that he's blessed to be a decent of immigrants. He said that the government should listen to the needs of the American people.

Bush gets closing statements. He said that he will change the gridlock in Washington. He said that Obama is a cynical divider and chief. He believes that he can bring Tallahassee to Washington.

Huckabee gets closing statements. He said that this is not a game. He believes that the American people will not tolerate the media making Republicans fight. He said that he make this country great for his grandchildren.

Kasich gets closing statements. He said that he's not a miracle worker. He believes that if he gets elected he can get things done. He said that if we start from the bottom up we can accomplish the goals. Kasich ends on "GOD BLESS AMERICA".

The debate was a train wreck. The Republicans were hostile towards the moderators.

The debate was a giveaway for Hillary Clinton. They all showed they can't handle pressure.

Temperament was a major factor to this. I felt that they have no patience when it comes to the handling the nation's problems.

Who won the debate?

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

Who had a bad night?

John Kasich, Jeb Bush and Rand Paul.

Who had the least amount of time?

Mike Huckabee.

Who actually won the debate?

Hillary Clinton.

What Was The MOST Mentioned Thing At The Debate?

Hillary Clinton
Blaming The Media
Government Is Bad
Barack Obama
I'm An Outsider
Washington Elites
If I'm President...
Poll Maker

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