Saturday, October 03, 2015

GITMO Could Finally Close!

Florence ADMAX.jpg
The country's tightest controlled lockup. ADX Florence is a federal time out that harbors the most dangerous criminals the world deem an international threat to society. The GITMO detainees may end up here. Same with El Chapo.

A tiny peninsula of Cuba is under U.S. jurisdiction. Guantanamo Bay Naval Base is a U.S. Air and Naval base located in southeastern corner of Cuba.

That military base is under intense controversy. The base is home to a handful of foreign terrorists held at the naval prison.

In President Barack Obama's first term he issued an executive order to have detainees held in federal time out. The Republicans and spineless Democrats in Congress bitched and bemoaned about the danger these detainees posed and stopped in its tracks.

Less than 120 men are located at this federal lock up. The U.N. and many nations condemn this as a unlawful detainment of innocents.

Many of the detainees were planners for the September 11, 2001 attacks. Some are members of the Taliban and Iraq's insurgency.

Well there's talk that if GITMO closes the detainees may head to Florence, CO for federal time out.

Florence is the Supermax federal time out. It's the nation's most toughest iron college. It's considered the Alcatraz of the Rockies. This place holds most notorious criminals and terrorists the government deem too much of burden in public.

Congress will have to change the law before the inmates can be housed in a federal time out.

We'll see how this goes! After all, the inept Republican Congress fears man. They can't allow the families the opportunities to see justice. T

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