Thursday, October 15, 2015

Former GOP Chair: Good Honest White Folks Deserve Guns! The Blacks Ought Lose 'Em!

The Second Amendment only belongs to Whites says former Republican chairman.

Gun rights for Whites! Gun control for Black, Hispanics and Muslims.

It's proven that gun rights are exclusive. Today it was brought to you by some former Republican chairman. Obviously, there's a reason to why he's no longer the state party's chairman. It's the very fact that he's a muffling buffoon going to social media basically saying take rights from Blacks.

Hence forth why BlackLivesMatter. This guy values Black lives less than others.

He's one of those types who thinks like Ben Carson and Donald Trump. 

He thinks that political correctness is dooming the Republican Party. So he believes that the real problem to gun violence is Blacks.

Great, blame the Blacks for gun crime.

Nevermind the fact we have illegal gun purchases through straw men. 

Nevermind the fact that people who suffer from mental illness are given access to firearms.

Nevermind the fact that a gun lobbyist group spends millions scaring Americans into stockpiling.

Nevermind that we have 90 people die a day by firearms. Over 45,000 people died in firearm tragedies this year.

If we had sensible background check laws, maybe we wouldn't have such senseless violence.

Pullen says the tweet was supposed to be taken sarcastically. When the local junk food media asked why he specifically mentioned black men, he said African-Americans are overwhelmingly loyal to the Democratic Party. He said he wanted these voters to understand that even though liberal politicians say black lives matter, their policies don't make black lives better.

"It's really not about guns that cause the violence. It's the lack of opportunities for groups of people who need opportunities to improve their lives. That's not what they're getting out of the last seven years and the economic policies the Democrats have."

Pullen says the Republican Party believes everyone should have access to guns because, ultimately, it's how you defend yourself regardless of the color of your skin.

But to this former Arizona Republican chairman, it's nothing but a gun grab by Obama.

Way to go, Mr. Randy Pullen, you're actually the one who wants to be a gun grabber!

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