Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Who Wrote The "I Hate Black Women" Book?

The book says it clearly.
Some nobody wrote a book highly critical of Black women. The writer assuming its a pen name wrote this book called "I Hate Black Women".

Now there's a backlash against the writer and the companies that promote this.

The writer T.C. Writer (ahem) wrote this provocative, controversial and certainly much talked about book. This Writer person is an American author who writes about the elephant in the room that everyone pretends is not there. "The goal is to ruffle a few bird feathers because angry people seek change, and complacent people don't."

T.C. Writer claims that she rapidly learned that your work will never please everyone. Balancing daily hate mail with messages from those hailing her as a maverick who isn't scared to speak the truth, Writer is on a lifelong mission to help fellow African American women better themselves. But her tools are not conventional, including 'I Hate Black Women', Writer's latest book. Firm in her belief that the African American audience respond better to hate than love, Writer's provocative manifesto untangles how black women often make life difficult for themselves, fostering a culture and reputation that ultimately finds them discriminated on by the rest of society.

This Writer said that Black women need to dial back their attitudes and fall in line with the system.

Basically this writer claims that the Black woman must act right in the presence of the Black man and White people.

Yeah, Black women are discriminated against. Ask Raven Symone, she said she wouldn't hire any women with a Black sounding name.
Raven-Symone is an example of Black women who attack their own.
Hear the nonsense from that annoying conservative agitator. The worst cable news host to ever have a program constantly says that First Lady Michelle Obama is a downright mean person. When she said that "for the first time" she was proud of her country, that annoying conservative agitator says that Mrs. Obama is "an angry Black woman".

Matter of fact, even that old fart Limbaugh said that "Moo Chelle" is the type of women Alex Rodriguez refuse to date.

How about when the Madame Tussauds decided to reveal the Nicki Minaj figure. They designed the wax figure to a likeness of her Anaconda music video. The famous pose by the entertainer was being vandalized by horny jerks and sexual perverts.

In her mind, the Black woman are destructive to America.

She calls upon the American people to address this. If we refuse to address it, we're going to be considered complacent.

Well I guess I am complacent. I am not down with this garbage. I am not going to allow this hateful book spread the seeds of distrust, division and diversion about Black women.

Here's what you're going to hear from concern trolls. Did you read the book?

Many in the Black community are very reactionary. We are willing to take action against something without reading it. Before I sign off the Change.org petition to have it removed from Amazon's website, I want to know what I'm dealing with.

Of course, the difficult job of looking for this book will be the challenge.

Any thoughts on this controversy?

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what a woman !!!


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