Monday, October 19, 2015

Boy Murders His Brother! Dad May Face Time In Iron College!

Andy Parker, the father of murdered TV reporter Alison Parker is now a victim's rights advocate.

A few months ago, a terrorist murdered Alison and Adam Ward on live television. The terrorist was a disgruntled news reporter who blamed society for his social ills. He said in his manifesto that he wanted to be recognized for his criminal acts. He wanted the world to know that he's gotten tired of being pushed around by the system.

Ever since that incident, we had another mass shooting. Andy Parker was there in Roseberg, Oregon.

He was actively pressuring lawmakers to pass reasonable gun control. His campaign to fight gun violence has garner attention. His activism is being criticized by conservatives who believe he's exploiting his daughter's death for political activism. They believe that any laws passed would result in more gun crime. In their warped minds, President Barack Obama is determined to take away guns.

And regardless of what is said by the president, the agitators will find some reason to blame him for "politicizing" tragedies.

Andy has teamed up with the families of Sandy Hook and Aurora to pressure Congress to change course on guns.

One of the Aurora shooting victims, Jessica Ghawi was a sports reporter. Jessica was killed by a deranged terrorist. The terrorist killed 12 people inside a movie theater during a premiere of the sequel to Batman, The Dark Knight Rises. Jessica was a survivor of the 2011 Toronto mall mass shooting.

Jessica's family tried to sue the ammo and gun manufacturers in court and lost. Lonnie and Sandy Phillips wanted to sue Lucky Gunner, the company that provided the terrorist with his ammunition.
Boy with a revolver
The Republican appointed judge said that the family can't sue on political activism. The family is now ordered to pay up $250,000 in court cost. The Supreme Court granted immunity to the gun manufacturing.

Gun crime is the number one threat in the United States. It's been over a few weeks since the Umpqua Community College shooting. Now the junk food media passed on Umpqua, we hear about more and more gun crimes.

We hear about children getting a hold of firearms and accidentally shooting a family member. This is becoming a horrible trend.

In Chicago, a father is facing time in the iron college for second degree murder. He left his firearm in an area where his children could find it. When one his children got pass the trigger lock, he shot his brother in the chest.

Michael Santiago is being charged for not only second degree murder, but reckless endangerment.
Dad faces criminal charges for involuntary manslaughter.
The loaded gun had been wrapped in a pair of pajama pants and stashed on top of the refrigerator, Chicago police said.

Santiago was at work at the time, and the boys' mother was at the store. Their grandfather Israel LaSalle, who lives upstairs from the family, was watching the boys and had sent them downstairs to their apartment to get something with which to clean up after the dog, according to CNN affiliate WLS-TV.

"I heard a pop, you know, like somebody had shot, so I opened the door and I look out and he was running up the stairs and he told me somebody shot his brother," LaSalle told WLS.

The 3-year-old died at a hospital.

Santiago is a former gang member who illegally purchased the gun, police told CNN on Monday. He is being held in lieu of $75,000 get out free card. He was originally given the $1 million get out free card.

The boy and his brother's names are withheld.

Gun control advocates argue research shows children often know where weapons are hidden and say weak state laws offer too little deterrent to careless storage of guns. The National Rifle Association has argued that mandatory storage laws are unnecessary.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of those killed in senseless gun violence.

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