Monday, October 05, 2015

An 11-Year Old Boy Bucks McKayla Dyer Over A Puppy!

McKayla Dyer would be one of the youngest victims of gun violence. An 11-year old boy murdered the little girl after he got upset over her not sharing a puppy.

I don't like doing this. But I am going to take a political stance on gun crimes. When will we have reasonable gun control?

Why do the agitators amplify criminal acts for ratings?

When these criminal acts are done by someone of color, the junk food media and agitators would often rush to blame someone other than the shooter. Now if this was a young Black child who murdered a White child over a spurn, the junk food media would release the name of the suspect. 

The conservative agitators would automatically blame #BlackLivesMatter and President Barack Obama.

I am even shocked that there's no sympathetic responses from BlackLivesMatters activists DeRay McKesson, Shaun White and Bree Newsome. 

There was a shooting in rural White Pine, Tennessee. A boy was upset over a girl's refusal to share a puppy leads to murder. It's shocking to me that a 11-year old boy would murder a 8-year old girl over a spurn. The boy got agitated with her. McKayla Dyer didn't expect this boy to return to kill her.
Mother clearly devastated over McKayla's lost. 
The boy retrieved his father's 12 gauge shotgun. The boy fired the firearm from the window of his home. McKayla got shot in the chest. She would be rushed to the hospital where they confirmed she died.

Her mother Latasha told the junk food media that her daughter was bullied by the suspect. Latasha confirmed that the boy would agitate confrontations with McKayla. This feud was going on for awhile between the children. 

The boy is detained in juvenile lockup. 

The boy's name isn't released for now. Tennessee law requires murder charges in case of underage to be classified until a judge charges the child as a suspect.

The parents may face charges if the judge determines that boy and his siblings experienced inadequate living conditions. 

World News Today send our condolences to McKayla Dyer.

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