Thursday, September 24, 2015

White Extremist Craig Cobb Runs Leith, North Dakota!

Small town in rural North Dakota is becoming the mecca of White extremism.

One of the most dangerous extremist in the United States gets more attention. Byron Pitts of ABC News tried to get an interview with the notorious Neo-Nazi, Craig Cobb.

Cobb refuses an interview with the African American journalist. He called him a mulatto....and insert every racial slur. Cobb would hang up on Pitts and post his number on the hate web.

Of course, he warns the journalist not to come to Leith.

Cobb is by far the most craziest White extremist to ever exist. He is a bipolar sycophant who believes that he can create a pure White community in the remote communities in North Dakota. Cobb is a member of a fringe religion called Creativity Movement. The movement teaches the superiority of whites.

Cobb is on federal watch for potential terrorist attacks. So far, Cobb and many of his supporters (or flock) are willing to kill for the name of their "White god".

Cobb is very insane. He really takes any attack on him as an attack on the White race.

He often Google himself and find stories about him. He would troll the website and try to unearth the names of those who "call him out". Once he does, he post their phone number and social media pages on the hate webs. He will encourage his minions to harass the person he's singled out.

Leith, North Dakota is 175 miles from Bismark.
Good to be home! White extremist Craig Cobb plans on kicking the residents out of Leith, North Dakota. 
It's a remote town that has a 98.2% White population. Cobb is trying to get rid of the only Black resident is the town.

In the movie Welcome to Leith, Cobb shares his vision of running the city. He wants White extremists to reside to his community. He wants it to be isolated from Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, Jews and Muslims. He wants pure White, Christian, conservative-minded individuals. Any supporters of the fuher, are welcomed to Leith.

The residents of the community fear that he's literally winning the battle. His flock of minions have came to set up shop. He wants to expand into a town called Antler.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights organization that tracks domestic extremists and potential terrorists have noted that Cobb's irrational behavior can pose a threat to residents.

He can come off as the "nice guy" who could actually be an "oddball". This behavior may result in violent outburst and threats of physical assault.


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