Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What Really Happened At Walker's Place?

Scott Walker ending his quest for the White House. Hopefully he will fade into the limelight.

As soon as he called it quits, many in the junk food media started to question his motives.

His departure was a shock to many of his supporters.

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker's rise to the top quickly came tumbling down when Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina stole his lead. The last poll released showed that Walker dropped from 15% to 0.3% in his seven month quest.

Some are saying that the well-discipline Scott Walker was hiding something. Maybe his Republican and Democratic opponents may have found something damaging to his campaign.

Anyway, Walker plea to the Republicans to end the nonsense and support a truly conservative candidate was ignored. As of right now, the front runner Trump is still ahead with Fiorina tailing close behind. Ben Carson took a drop after tepid debate performance and the "I don't want a Muslim president" comment.

What could it be?

Many finger his campaign manager. Some insiders want the cannon to fire on the campaign manager.

It may have involved something that Gawker and Buzzfeed was eager to release but had no full confirmation.

We may never know. But like John Edwards, I hope it's not a secret love child.

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