Monday, September 28, 2015

What Happened To Terrell Day?

Teen dies in police custody. Family demands answers to his death.

Indianapolis Police are investigating the tragic death of an 18-year old teen who died in custody.

Apparently he had a heart attack while in police custody. The death of Terrell Day is getting national exposure after Black Lives Matter got involved in his death.

He was suspect in a shoplifting of a Burlington Coat Factory. He allegedly pointed a firearm at the security guard. He was quickly apprehended. I guess something went wrong on his way to lockup.

The medic and the law determined he was faking this and sent him to lockup. They ignored his calls.

He was admitted to lockup. The next day he would turn up in the back of an ambulance, dead.

"Despite the best life-saving efforts by the EMS crew, the suspect died in the back of the ambulance," the statement added.

Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services chief Charles Miramonti offered "sincere condolences" in the statement. Miramonti said a "full internal investigation" has been launched but that he was "confident the highest level of response and care was provided."

Police said that when the man told officers he was having trouble breathing, an ambulance was called. The responding EMTs assessed Day and determined he could be taken on to processing "via jail wagon," according to the statement.

Day again complained of breathing difficulties when the jail wagon arrived and a second ambulance was called but his "condition deteriorated," police said.

Now Indianapolis Police along with state investigators are determining who ignored the suspect's request for medical treatment.

#IfIDieInPoliceCustody is a trending hashtag. It became a trend after the deaths of Freddie Gray and Sandra Bland.

Freddie Gray was severely injured in a scuffle with police. Freddie complained of injuries but was ignored by the officers. He was arrested and transported to city lockup. The officers are being charged with homicide and manslaughter, Sandra who was arrested after a routine traffic stop died while spending a night in a Texas county lockup. They claim that she committed suicide.

Now it seems like there's many more incidents like this. The law ignoring a suspect's request for treatment when asked.

Yeah, a fraction of the suspects may lie about being injured. But seriously, the law should take everything into consideration.
My son died and I want answers. 
Day's mother, Shanika Askew, said her son had not been suffering from any health problems or ever had asthma.

The Marion County bag 'em ups said that he had a heart attack. Tests are still pending on whether he had other medical issues or narcotics in his blood.

You know what happens when this becomes a viral story!

The concern trolls will come out the woodwork. The concern trolls would often rush to claiming that if Terrell didn't shoplift or point the gun, he wouldn't end up dead.

The concern trolls will find some way to blame President Barack Obama, Al Sharpton and Black Lives Matter for rushing to judgement. The concern trolls will say that I give comfort to criminals.

No, I don't! I just think rationally before jumping to conclusions.

Yeah, we all believe in the justice system. If he was alive, he would go to trial. He is innocent until proven guilty. The system is assured that everyone in custody deserves a fair trial.

I believe in the U.S. Constitution as well. No one is above the law. That includes those in law enforcement. I believe that Terrell had a right to ask for medical treatment regardless of a cop's concerns that he'll escape.

The cruel and unusual punishment clause of the Eighth Amendment states that a suspect should be able to access needs in the case of an emergency or file a grievance against treatment while in lockup.

The concern trolls will find some reason to say that his life doesn't matter. The racist right will hit the hate web calling him a "Nigger", "gorilla" or "thug." The racist right will advocate for more guns in the hands of White vigilantes.

His death in police custody has sparked feverish debate on police brutality. The law often releases talking points to the junk food media justifying the incident as fault of the suspect and not those who arrested him.

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