Saturday, September 26, 2015

U.S. Justice Department Looking Into Death Of Jeremy McDole! [NSFW]

Bystanders capture the moment when Wilmington, Delaware police put down an unarmed man in a wheelchair.

The U.S. Justice Department along with Delaware State Attorney General and the State Police are investigating the death of an unarmed suspect killed by the law.

Jeremy McDole was a 28 year old man who was paralyzed from the waist down.

Wilmington Police released a statement backing the officers involved in the shooting death of Jeremy. According to the law, there was a report of a man with a gun in the area near a nursing home.

The law engaged in contact with the suspect. The suspect didn't raise his hands and reached into his pocket. He was shot multiple times by three officers. One officer render aid to the suspect.

Of course, there's a video that surfaced on the internet. The video shows one of the officers with a double barrel shotgun pointing directly at Jeremy. The officer yells for compliance and Jeremy ignores the order.

Be warned, this video is extremely graphic.

The NAACP and the family are calling upon the state prosecutor and U.S. Justice Department to look into the matter of how this tragedy occurred.

Junk food media show mugshot of Jeremy McDole.
The officers are in the freezer pending an investigation into handling of the situation. Of course, they will have to lawyer up and have a damn good police union release "damming information" about Jeremy to sway the public into believing his death was justified. The police unions are ready to blame Black Lives Matter and President Barack Obama for an officer's reckless call.

The family disputes the law's talking points of the suspect having a firearm in possession. Big freaking deal! Whether he had a firearm or not, the law can't just put you down for having a weapon in public. There's no law on the books that says that you're not allow to have a firearm in public.

Since DC v. Heller, many gun owners (i.e. White men) often walk the streets and public places with firearms. They don't get shot on sight. Only Black, Hispanic or practicing Muslims get shot on sight.

The family said that Jeremy didn't own a weapon. His mother Phyllis didn't mince words, she basically said this was a cold blooded murder.

He shot my son like he was roadkill,” says Phyllis McDole.

“He wasn’t bothering anybody. He didn’t have a weapon or anything. They shot my son so much he fell out of the wheelchair. He fell out the chair and on the ground. He wasn’t armed. He didn’t have a gun. He died by himself. He died alone.”

“I raised my son to be a good kid. He wasn’t a troublemaker. Every day he came here at 12 o’clock and took his nephew to the store to get water ice. What am I supposed to tell his nephew tomorrow when he doesn’t come to take him to get a water ice?”

Addicting Info is one of my favorite blogs. They counted the record number of police involved shootings that result in the death of a suspect. It's close to 875 this year alone. A fraction of those suspects killed were unarmed and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
They shot my son like he was a dying animal. - Phyllis McDole, the mother of Jeremy McDole.
Blacks are killed by law enforcement five times more than Whites.

And our friends in the racist right believe that we justify hatred of cops. They believe that we're not focused on gun crimes in Black communities (i.e. Black on Black crime).

The junk food media often runs a mugshot of the victim. They often release glaring photos of the indicted cop and/or vigilante. The concern trolls would dig into the social media to unearth embarrassing or incriminating things to discredit the family's account. Agitators such as that annoying conservative agitator would gather a talking point and stick to it regardless of it being either discredited or half-true. Then the agitators in the conservative media would react as predictable to President Barack Obama's belief that Black men fear the law more than terrorism.

Behind the scenes the state or city would shelve out damage royalties to the family if they believe the officer's call was reckless.

They don't take fault in the death of an unarmed suspect. Paying off families the victims eases the pressure of having an Al Sharpton presence or an economic boycott.

That's why #BlackLivesMatter exist. Far too many people are killed at the hands of reckless cops.

No one wishes death on law enforcement. But assured that being a cop is dangerous. To the racist right, an innocent Black motorist or an unarmed Black suspect is just about as dangerous as being being a cop.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Jeremy McDole.

We will follow this story as it develops.

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