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The Law Bucked Yvette Smith And They Tried To Buried Her In The Dirt!

Yvette (right) and her twin sister. Yvette Smith was killed by the law in a "NO KNOCK". The Texas Rangers found that the deputy who pulled the trigger will face murder charges for the reckless call. His superiors and even  the Bastrop County sheriff could face a cannon firing for initiating a "cover up ".

The racist right hates the Black Lives Matter with a passion. They seem to have this notion to believe that social media activists Bree Newsome, DeRay McKesson and Shaun White are agitating anti-cop rhetoric. Whenever they hit the internet with stories the junk food media sweeps under the table, its their mission to bring it to light.

If it wasn't for #BlackLivesMatter, the story of a Texas woman would be buried in the back like countless other stories.

How many people died in police custody?

Take your time and think to yourself how many?

If you pick a ballpark number of 500 or more, then you may be correct. There were countless incidents in which an unarmed suspect was killed while in police custody. Some events are sparked by minor events such as traffic violations. Many people have often times been pulled over by the law.

You heard about the Charlotte officer getting off the death of Jonathon Ferrell? Well a month back, Randell "Wes" Kerrick was spared time in the iron college because the jury deadlocked on whether the officer's use of deadly force was justified. The North Carolina state prosecutor decided to not go any further. The U.S. Justice Department hasn't ruled out any indictment. The junk food media didn't talk too much about this. This happened to slip under the radar.

Like so many other events in which an unarmed person of color is killed by law enforcement, the junk food media isn't interested in it. It has to be like a hot potato. That potato has to have a movie theme to it. Like the Michael Brown shooting and Freddie Gray incident, these events had all the groundwork for a ratings goldmine.
The law comes to the door.
It has to be the necessary means for attention grabbing.

Some including myself question the validity of a pull over. In the rust belt city of Dayton, I too was a victim of profiling. The Dayton Police, Kettering Police, the Montgomery County Ohio sheriff and Beavercreek Police have profiled me in the past ten years. The most recent were the Dayton Police and Montgomery County sheriff.

I admit I am not perfect. I have friends who aren't perfect. Hell some of the people I've associated with have some run ins with the law. I have never been charged with any felonies or misdemeanors.

I've had a handful of traffic citations but I often would fight that in the court. Sometimes I win. Sometimes I lose.

Often times, I do question to why some officers would issue citations for license plate lights. Yeah, they do issue citations for that. But what really gets me is the fact that they can see over 1,000 feet from the moment you've looked at them heading in the opposite direction. All of sudden, when they flip a circle around and put on their emergency lights for pull over, you're wondering what you've done wrong to end up in a situation like this.

Well, the officer can LIE to justify a pull over. The officer can LIE to issue a citation for any traffic offense. The officer can LIE when there is a need to arrest you for any reason the officer deems an act of resisting arrest or disorderly conduct. The officer can LIE when using a baton or a Taser. The officer can LIE when using physical or deadly force. That means the officer can use the fist or the service weapon.

Each of these events could cause serious harm to either you or the officer.

But say if you're unarmed and you didn't engage contact with an officer, what will happen?

Well like in most cases, the officer can say that you resisted arrest or acted in a nature that required use of force. The use of deadly force comes when the officer feels the threat is a danger to the life.

Many times, restraint isn't enough. They would call for backup or even goes as far to use deadly force. Deadly force is the last resort to a situation. Often times, the officer is trained to avoid deadly force.

If the officer uses deadly force, it takes a while to release the name. Based on the social media reaction to the death brought by #BlackLivesMatter, the activists want answers. They want to know the name, the history, the performance under pressure and why the officer chose deadly force. They want to know why the name of the suspect given to the junk food media faster than the officer. They feel that the junk food media is so quick to bring up the suspect's past history to justify the killing.

Agitators in the media (i.e. Sean Hannity, Al Sharpton and Matt Drudge) often get involved by spinning the story into sensationalism. The right often sides with the law especially when it comes to the deaths of unarmed suspects of color. The left often sides with the family of the victims. They believe that the unarmed suspect could have been restrained through other methods.

Each of them often blame someone other than the shooter.  What creates the blame game is an event where someone dies of an incident and the junk food media often reacts to it when its a person of color who committed the criminal act. Say in the case of news reporters Alison Parker and Adam Ward. They were gunned down by a sadistic man who complained about being a victim of anti-Black behavior in the newsroom. The terrorist would end up killing them before killing himself. In his killer manifesto, he said that he believed that the media's blame on Black people sparked his rage. In the minds of the right, he's automatically a Black Lives Matter supporter. The same could go for the Charleston shooter. That terrorist killed nine innocent Black worshipers. The left would automatically assume he's a supporter of the Tea Party and listener of the AM agitators. Neither faulting the shooter for their motives.
The sheriff may have a federal probe into his department. Bastrop Sheriff Terry Pickering and his staff engaged in a cover up.
The junk food media is often handed the law's account of what happened. The junk food media usually runs with it. The Black Lives Matter activists often see the press release as a buffer for an unjustified killing. They often would pick and choose which event happened. Say if the suspect was shot in the back. The suspect had a gram of crack in his back pocket! BAM, there's your reason to say it was justified. A nickel bag in his pocket proved that he was a no good thug. Yet, he had no gun. He may have ran away and he was probably trying to resisted an order to stop.

Whenever an officer uses the service weapon in a justified killing, the officer is place on administrative leave pending a potential grand jury hearing on whether the act was deem within limits of the law.
Yvette was a mother of two children. She was a victim of a reckless call by the law.
The officer would get help from the police union, the attorney and the prosecutor. The grand jury is often a group of individuals who may decide on evidence gathered to whether the officer is liable for the death.

If the evidence is proven that the officer did use deadly force but in a reckless way, he would be indicted on a CLASS 0 FELONY. If the evidence says otherwise, he may be back on the streets within two weeks.

If the family sues the police department, the city has to shelve out $$$$$$$$$ to hush up the family if they decide to become activists in the wake of another event in which an officer kills an unarmed suspect.

I am just telling my honest opinion of it. You don't have to agree to it!

Now, this issue happened in Texas. No surprise here!

This state is conducting an investigation into the death of Yvette Smith, a mother from suburban Austin resulted in the trial of an officer. The officer is being held on a murder charge. According to the officers, there were reports of gunfire coming from her home. They would race up to the door and pound on it. After Yvette opened the door, the law let her have it.
Shaun White and DeRay McKesson are social activists. Conservatives hate them with a passion.
Yvette called 911 to report a disturbance between family members over a debt. She wanted the law to escort the two out of her home. The officer who killed Yvette is Deputy Daniel Willis of the Bastrop County sheriff.

He was indicted and facing the music.

Shaun White pens a post on The Daily Kos about the trial. It took 18 months for this to get national attention. What got Shuan's attention was the blatant lies of  the deputies involved and their boss, Sheriff Terry Pickering. At the time of the shooting, the officer said that Yvette instigated the event.

The document that the sheriff released to the press.

According to the sheriff, his deputies used deadly force for refused command. They said that Yvette refused order and the deputy used deadly force. Well it turns out that the deputy lied and the sheriff and his staff tried to bury this in the dirt. See if this was given to the junk food media and that annoying conservative agitator Hannity picked up on it, he would literally spin it to favor the law.

County mugshot of Daniel Willis, ex-deputy.
Hannity would run this story like a "charging football player".

Deputy Scott Gaskamp backed up Willis story by saying that he seen what happened in his report.

Gaskamp changed tune when his recording device captured his deliberate attempt to take heat off his fellow deputy. He's in the freezer pending a cannon firing.

Two others were given downgrades after fudging the story.

Lt. Joey Dzienowski was downgraded to patrol duty and given a 240-hour freezer burn, and Sgt. David Repka was downgraded to patrol duty and given a 32-hour freezer burn.

What really happened was a deputy ran up on the door with AR-15 drawn. He was spooked by the sound of a door and opened fire on Yvette. He didn't give any acknowledgement of arrival. Willis did an unprecedented "NO KNOCK".

Willis who worked for previously Travis County was cannon fired for failing to meet requirements as an officer.  He was told to get better positioned with his duties before ever hitting a beat.

Willis is innocent until proven guilty. He will face LIFE in the iron college if he is found guilty.

Yvette was a single mother who leaves behind two children. The state of Texas issued a settlement for the family of Yvette. $$$$$$$$ won't bring her back. No amount of money will ever bring the lives of many killed by gun violence. It's just a Band-Aid to a long standing wound.

The saying, you can't use a Band-Aid for a gunshot wound. GUN CRIME is the most serious issue facing Americans. Our inept leaders in Washington fail to do something about it. They keep telling you this "concern troll" crap about good guys with guns. They often say that any law won't stop criminals anyway. The deflect and distract until the next mass shooting occurs.

World News Today send our condolences to Yvette Smith and every victim of gun crimes.

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