Sunday, September 20, 2015

Texas Man Says "Black Lives Matter" Ruined His Ride!

Texas man's ride get damaged. He singles out Black Lives Matter. But the law points the finger at him.

Talk about a dose of irony. A Texas man is facing fraud charges along with filing a false police report. He wanted to place the blame on the feet of an activist group.

Scott Lattin vandalized his own truck to seek attention and his justifiable rage against the activist group Black Lives Matter. He wrecked his ride to collect insurance money. He made his concerns about the activists on the local junk food media.

He thought that the law would side with him. He was a firm supporter of the law.

If it was picked up by the cable news agitators (i.e. Sean Hannity), it would have been shown that the peaceful activists were turning rogue. That annoying conservative agitator would go right into it like a "charging football player".

Lattin told the media that on Sept. 8 he was harassed by the residents because he believes CopsLivesMatter. He and his family would sprout blue and white around their ride and probably agitate protesters with rhetoric that some may consider condescending.

On the back of his ride was a dedication to the slain Harris County deputy Darren Goforth.

Goforth was murdered by a madman who had run-ins with the law. The Harris County sheriff blame the activists instead of the shooter. Maybe Lattin was watching that network when he decided to concoct this story about damage to his ride cause of Black criminals.
Cops Lives Matter. Tell it to the guy who lied on a police report. He's facing a court date. Houston area man lied about vandalism on his ride being caused by Black Lives Matter. 
Vehicle cost totaled a felony. The damages were posted on social media and the police were searching for answers.

He would have gotten away with it if it hadn't been for that damn ego. He boastfully told the junk food media that his vehicle had interior damages in places that the law determined weren't damaged.

The damages did not match the initial report. The report said spray paint with "BLaCK LIVeS MAttER" over the truck. The report said no tires were slashed.

Now Lattin will see bars. Lots of them. Whitney Police put the clamps on him. He will face a court date for wasting the cops time.

Wondering if he'll tell the court that he's sorry and he didn't mean to harm the Black community!

He may tell the court that a family member or friend is Black or Hispanic.

Yeah, keep the heat on him. He'll cry that he's gotten death threats from this event.

Why should anyone believe this piece of shit?

Matter of fact, should we blame the Tea Party and the AM agitators for this?

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