Monday, September 14, 2015

Suspect In The Kentucky Trooper Shooting Killed! Who's Gonna Take The Blame?

Kentucky State Police are mourning the death of Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder.

Today, the Commonwealth of Kentucky is mourning the death of a state trooper who was murdered by a man who refused to stop upon an order to stop his vehicle.

State patrol officer Joseph Cameron Ponder was killed after being shot by the suspect Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks. The suspect was killed after an active state search. Ponder's death would make this year alone 24 officers who died in the line of duty.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Joseph Cameron Ponder.

Ponder (age 31) just recently graduated from training academy. He was in his full trial run as a trooper. This event happened in western Kentucky. This event occurred on a section of Interstate 24 near Interstate 69 (the Western Kentucky Parkway).

The trooper was conducting a routine patrol stop. He was going to issue a citation to the suspect. The suspect took off. Trooper Ponder gave chase. Johnson-Shanks would abruptly stop deliberately causing a rear end crash. When he got out his vehicle, he starts popping off.

The lead hits trooper Ponder. He was rushed to a Princeton, KY hospital where he died of his injuries.
Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks was apprehended after an intensive manhunt. He was wounded by KSP sharp shooters after refusing to comply to order to disarm. He died at a local hospital. No motive to why he killed Trooper Joseph Ponder.
Ponder, from Rineyville, was a U.S. Navy veteran who was stationed at the police post in Mayfield after graduating from the academy, KVFS reported. He reportedly had plans to move closer to home within the next year.

The manhunt lasted into the night. The suspect would exit his vehicle and run into the woods.

Johnson-Shanks was armed with a handgun and did not comply with several commands to drop his weapon, according to Sgt. Mike Webb.

"That gave the trooper closest to him no choice but to fire his agency-issued weapon, striking him multiple times," Webb said.

Okay, the suspect is killed. He was a 25-year old Black man from St. Louis, Missouri. The suspect was with a woman and two children.

Who are they gonna blame in the death of Trooper Ponder?


If you picked the shooter, then you're absolutely correct. Of course, if you're blaming everyone but the shooter (i.e. Obama and Black Lives Matter), then we're going to blame you for the death. See lumping Black Lives Matter and President Barack Obama to the deaths of law enforcement is not productive.

No one condones the deaths of those in law enforcement.

Most Americans believe those in law enforcement deserve praise for risking their lives for the safety of those they've sworn to protect. It's a thankless job. They don't get recognition much. The only time they get recognition is when they are given media attention.

The problem is that those in law enforcement won't weed out the officers who create the divide. The officers who abuse their power while on duty. They are the ones who give law enforcement a bad name.

The blame game is a partisan event in which agitators from the right and the left start accusing a whole group for the sole actions of the suspect.
Kentucky State Police release picture of Trooper Joseph Ponder (right) during his graduation ceremony this year.
No one knows the motives of the suspect. When the junk food media gets the talking points from the law enforcement, the agitators will find someone to blame for the shooting.

They seem to always ignore the shooter. The shooter deserves all the blame.

Now you aware of the concern trolls and the #copslivesmatter and  #AllLivesMatter hashtag.

The concern trolls use this as a counter attack against the Black Lives Matters activists.

The concern trolls ignore the concerns of the activists. They conclude that Black Lives Matters is anti-cop, anti-White and anti-whatever.

Again, gun crime is an epidemic. This outranks terrorism and Ebola.

The lawmakers in Congress refuse to do anything about it. They conclude that the NRA is more powerful than them. The clowns running for the Republican and Democratic nomination aren't talking much about it.

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