Friday, September 18, 2015

Old Fart Limbaugh Aims At Azealia Banks!

The meaningless king of talk radio takes on the meaningless queen of hip-hop.

Azealia Banks, a controversial rapper and model is following the elections. She is actively engaged in the events happening in the United States. She is very critical of the mess in Washington and she fingered the Republicans and conservative agitators as being one of the reasons to why it's extremely toxic.

She's not a big fan of conservatives. She immediately hopped on social media to slam them as being what they hate being called, "racist and ignorant White people".

She is an avid supporter of President Barack Obama and once told the junk food media that she would love to have an affair with the president.

Somehow the old fart some thoughts on her.

Azealia is hinting that she may support Donald Trump if he becomes the nominee for the Republicans.

The old fart went right into it.

I have here my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a story from Breitbart. It's about a black rapper Azealia Banks.  Azealia Banks hates conservatism and hates the Republican Party, and she's not much happier about America 'cause she buys into the Bernie Sanders argument that the country's unjust and the moral from day one. Racist to its core.  Part of our foundation.  But "'Do you think it's bad that I sort of agree with [Trump's] stance on immigration?' the rapper wrote on her Instagram account on September 7th.

"Banks, a black rapper from Harlem, made headlines in March of this year by declaring her hatred for 'this country' and 'white Americans.'  Banks explained that her support for Trump's immigration plan is based on the detrimental impact mass immigration has had on the black community. 'Black Americans still have not been paid reparations for slavery,' she wrote. 'It's selfish, but America has been really good at convincing me that everyone else's problems are more important than my own.' ...

"'If the United States of America is an aircraft on its way down, (which it seems to be) I must put my own air mask on before I assist others,' Banks later wrote," and to her, putting the air mask on to save the plane from crashing is supporting Trump on immigration.  It's crowding, it's flooding the job market.  You've seen African-American unemployment under Obama.  Now, she doesn't blame Obama for much (you can't expect that, racial loyalty), but 25% of black people are supporting Trump.

The Republican Party still not able to figure any of this out. Black America can't stand them. No matter who they line up for the nomination, they will not earn but 10% or less of the Black vote.

Ben Carson is a prime example of the candidates Republicans hope could court Black voters. They are looking for the conservative minded church going types. The ones who don't like rap music. The ones who think that Obama is a "race exploiter in chief". The Blacks who believe that Republicans "freed" the slaves. The Blacks who believe the "Democrat" Party is the party of slavery.

Yeah, it's this stuff that makes me hate conservatives.

That old fart Limbaugh is what's wrong with the Republican Party. He's a bombastic agitator who believes the path to winning is bitching. He and others on the AM agitator dial have used coded language to paint Blacks as inferior or below the standard.

Republicans are like cocaine. It's 90% WHITE and 10% everything else. You can cook it and it becomes crack. You smoke crack and you'll end up crazy.

Recently Azealia Banks took aim at perennial presidential failure Ron Paul, the father of failing candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) who is struggling in the race. Paul went to the social media calling for succession of states. Banks mocked him for being a nutjob.

Paul is a phony libertarian. He and his son both claim to be libertarians but in reality they're both dye in the wool conservative extremists. The Paul name is a favorite among White extremists.

Sen. Paul is wooing support from the racist right. He desperately needs it.

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