Sunday, September 06, 2015

Marc Lamont Hill: I'm Ashamed I've Worked For Fox!

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Black scholars answer the racist right's attack on Black protesters.

The ongoing war against Black protesting. That network featured police officer, Black clergy, Black counter activists, Black and Hispanic agitators slamming the Black Lives Matter movement.

Now some in the support of Black Lives Matter fire back at the mounting criticism.

Marc Lamont Hill, professor and politicial agitator once was on that network. He was often the token liberal voice to a bombastic audience of conservatives. Now that he's ended ties with that network, he's going all out against their attempts to tie Black Lives Matter to the recent police shootings in America.

Hill with liberal extremist Dr. Cornel West were on CNN's Reliable Sources with Brian Stellzer

Everyone now heard the "pigs in blanket, fry 'em like bacon" remark. That's the endless loop of agitation from the Minnesota State Fair that the racist right seethed on.

Many activist in the movement denounced the chant and told that some members were tied to the New Black Panthers, a Black extremist group that seems to infiltrate movements to push its anti-White agenda.

Nonetheless, the comments stick and White folks are now fearing the movement as anti-White and anti-police.

West went first into it. West admitted there’s been some “hyperbolic rhetoric,” but said that happens whenever there is “black rage expressed based on black suffering,” and insisted there is no concrete evidence connecting #BlackLivesMatter to police deaths.

Hill didn't spare no one. He said that that network is being hypocritical for saying a few “outliers” represent the whole movement, but saying that wasn’t true of the tea party.

Hill said that it’s important to talk about the horrible deaths of police officers, but said when this “hate group” rhetoric gets ramped up, people in the movement are put in a defensive position and not able to address their issues.

And “particular media outlets,’ he continued (which includes Fox), are in this game to “troll the world” to say the suffering #BlackLivesMatter protesters are speaking out about is unimportant.

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