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"Let You Be Free" - The Most Conservative Black Extremists!

Another reason to hate Black conservatives: Ben Carson is running for president. Carson a former neurosurgeon had compared the Affordable Care Act to slavery. He is rising in the polls despite having little experience or the ability to be president.

I got this little list of the country's most conservative Black extremists. Yeah, I am inviting our friends on the right to comment on this. These Black conservatives are so out of the mainstream of America, they do the Republican Party no favors.

With the announcement of Ben Carson jumping into the clown car, I want to share with you the Blacks who will either promote Carson as he rises in the polls. These are the very same Black extremists who claim the president is a the biggest racist to ever exist.

Barack Obama, the first Black president is often a target of racially insensitive comments. Some of the comments come from these Black conservative extremists.

Again, I am not trying to silence these extremists. That's the first thing I read in the word vomit.

They are entitled to be condescending bigots.

Conservatism is dosed in the fuel of hate of someone's race, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, political and economic standings. They don't represent progress! Conservatives represent a shallow reality of American bigotry.

You can go into this narrative of me being hateful towards Black conservatives. I don't care anymore! I have no patience for this anymore!

If you think White conservatives are seriously disturbed individuals, you maybe right. But unfortunately, Black conservatives are just as bad. These individuals are progress in reverse when it comes to Civil Rights for all Americans. They believe that this country is on a slow path to destruction due to the policies of the "Democrat" Party and liberalism.

These Black extremists will hide behind the Civil Rights Movement to promote their hatred of Blacks, Hispanics, LGBT, Muslims, and President Barack Obama.

When you listen to people such as James David Manning, Kevin Jackson, CL Bryant, Jesse Lee Peterson, Alveda King, or even Deneen Borelli  you shake your head. They rush to the cameras to promote conservative ideas. But unfortunately, they're look upon as kooks and extremists.

They cry often about being called "sell outs", "Uncle Toms", "bootlickers" and the such.

However, they're so eager to call the president, First Lady Michelle Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, "race hustlas", "racists" and "liberal slaveowners".

See they can dish it out but they sure can't take it.

Let's take a look at these Black extremists.

Alveda King is the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. But since the death of his widow, Coretta Scott King, out of the woodwork, this person comes forth with the claims her "Uncle Martin" was a lifelong Republican.

This narrative of Martin Luther King, Jr. being a Republican is the new theme of conservatives.

You hear the talking point "Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Was A Republican" meme through the conservative websites. You can thank her for spreading that rumor. Conservatives continue to pander to this no matter what the fact-checkers say.

Conservatives ignore the teaching of King but yet claim him as one of their own. I am guessing after the death of Yolanda King, the eldest daughter of the Martin Luther King, Jr. her three surviving cousins are feuding over control of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Alveda King moves to the front of the line with her experiences as a member of the legendary family. But her presence in the Civil Rights movement is no way the teaching of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Republicans would love to say that King was a "communist" if he was alive. Republicans settled for the first Black president, Barack Obama. If people like Joseph McCarthy was alive today, he would be getting top booking on either that annoying conservative agitator's programs or airtime with Glenn Beck.

Alveda is standing in for him. She was brought to presence at the Restore Honor event in August 2010 when Glenn Beck and that moronic former Alaskan governor were the featured speakers as well as sponsors of the event. While Alveda speaks on her pro-life, anti-gay, and anti-Black stances her cousin Martin Luther King, III is with the families of unarmed suspects shot by police.

The King family went to Selma with President Barack Obama and former president George W. Bush.

Where was Alveda?

This woman is a panderer to the most extreme of human beings. She wrapped her name around a legacy to promote herself as the counter-savior to "Civil Rights leaders" like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

The King legacy is being shattered into millions of pieces. The King siblings (Dexter, Bernice and Martin III) are feuding with their estranged cousin.

Charles Payne is a commentator on Loserville who offers business advice and proposals. This no neck brother has made ignorant comments about the Black community.

Payne is a Black conservative agitator who can seem to keep his mouth closed when it comes to the issues of Black community. He is the guy who likens Obama to Stalin or Neville Chamberlain.

Media Matters for America, a liberal watchdog group devoted to tracking conservative misinformation has Payne on their list of most outrageous agitators.

According to the Media Matters, Payne stated that Obama was going to issue reparations for slavery.

The Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel issued $5 million to residents of his city in response to corrupt cop. Payne concluded that before the president leaves the White House, Obama will issue government paychecks to victims and descendants of slavery.

Payne found criticism with the BlackLivesMatter protesters. Over the past weekend, some of the protesters interrupted brunch time to read off names of victims who were unarmed killed by police.

Payne was totally pissed off about this so-called racial grievance he would tweet this comment out along with that picture. He went to Twitter to vent off about the picture.

He would later scrub the Twitter posting after he was rounded criticized by those in attendance. They shut him down hard. They let him know that he's been picked through the racial extremist websites for his petty attack.

Payne is a pain in the ass. He is a certified Black extremist and certainly a person I would never ask for financial advice.

Francis Rice is the founder of the National Black Republican Association. Her group is based out of Florida and she gained notoriety for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Was A Republican radio ads.

Rice is a notorious individual. She and Alveda were responsible for pushing the narrative in Black neighborhoods around Tallahassee and Jacksonville.

Thankfully their plan failed. Because no right minded Black person is going to believe the crap that comes out of her mouth.

A real friend of King is the Rev. Joseph Lowery. He knew the Kings very well. When asked about this, Rev. Joseph Lowery let out a soft chuckle that grew stronger as he began to think more about the idea.

"These guys never give up, do they?" said Lowery, who co-founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference with King. "Lord have mercy."

According to Rice, she thinks Lowery is full of shit. She knows that King is a Republican and she has the evidence to prove it.

"I knew the King family well. We were all Republicans," said Rice, 64. "There was no way Dr. King would have wanted to be in the party of the Ku Klux Klan."

The King Center in Atlanta says there is no proof that King was ever a Republican. Rice stands by her claim.

Mia Love is currently a U.S. Representative from Utah who once served as a mayor for Saratoga Springs.

She shot to fame as being the first Black lawmaker from 98% WHITE Utah. She was born to Haitian parents in Brooklyn, New York, Love was elected as the Mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, serving from 2010 to 2014. She was previously on its city council. In 2012, Love ran for Utah's 4th congressional district, losing narrowly to incumbent Democratic Representative Jim Matheson. She was a speaker at the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Matheson feared getting his ass whooped so he retired. The seat was an easy win for Love.

The Republicans can brag about this. They have three Black lawmakers elected to Congress. Love, Sen, Tim Scott (R-SC) and Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) have became a shield for conservatives.

The Democrats believe that the Republicans have no place for Blacks and Latinos.

The Republicans response is twelve Hispanic lawmakers, three Black lawmakers, two Native American lawmakers six women who are senators and 23 Congresswomen (including a delegate from American Samoa). We got a little bit of progress.

Love joined the Congressional Black Caucus after winning her election. Love promised to shake things up at the CBC. She felt that the members (mostly Democratic members) were agitators of racial angst. She wants to make sure that the CBC will hear all sides.

She already took to defense of Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA). She believes that the Majority Whip's speech to a white extremist group was a mistake but nothing short of what other politicians done.

Basically saying in the opinion: a mistake doesn't stop the message.

She is probably one of the most controversial members of the House of Representatives outside the usual insurgents, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) and Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL).

Juan Williams is a commentator on Loserville. Williams is the "token liberal" on Loserville Sundays and The O'Loofus Factor. He also appears on that annoying conservative agitator's programs occasionally.

He is the creator of the Eyes on The Price Mini-Series.

When he's on that network, he's acts like a "counter-balance" to the conservative argument.

One too many times, Juan will aid and abet the conservatives.

And to make this even more interesting, his family are registered Republican despite him claiming numerous times he's registered Democrats. Yeah, right.

Juan used to work for Black Enterprises One World and NPR. He was fired out the cannon after he made some nasty comments about Muslims being scary and the need of being profiled.

This coming from a man who believes in civil rights.

He told O'Loofus, "Look, Bill, I'm not a bigot. You know the kind of books I've written about the civil rights movement in this country. But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous."

He most infamous comments were the comparison of First Lady Michelle Obama to Black Panther Stokey Carmichael.

"Michelle Obama, you know, she's got this Stokely Carmichael in a designer dress thing going. If she starts talking...her instinct is to start with this blame America, you know, I'm the victim. If that stuff starts coming out, people will go bananas and she'll go from being the new Jackie O to being something of an albatross".

It's the type of stuff that makes him an extremist in my book. No matter what he says, he's looked upon as a Black conservative masquerading as a liberal analysis.

Deneen Borelli is a commentator on Loserville and spokesperson for the some of the nation's insurgency organizations.

Borelli is a best known for writing Blacklash: How Obama and the Left are Driving Americans to the Government Plantation, a political critique that criticizes progressivism, crony capitalism, and elitism under the Obama administration.

She calls herself the Black version of Ann Coulter. And she has proven to be that type of person.

Anything and if not everything she finds some reason to claim the Obamas maxing out the "race card" and pushing the "poverty pimp" mannerism. She has no real arguments to why she hates Obama. When asked about it, she often inserts a slanderous remark about him.

When the president went on a podcast to describe the narratives of the Charleston massacre he utter NIGGER to the host. He painted the thoughts of a terrorist reaction towards peaceful parishioners.

She got all upset and slammed the president as the "rapper in chief" and blasted hip-hop music.

She is quick to call the president and First Lady Michelle Obama a bunch of elitists is quite funny.

She also thrown her two cents into the controversy in McKinney, Texas.

Pamela Meanes represented the American Bar Association. She appeared on that annoying conservative agitator's show. The woman was passionate about the issue where that young teen girl was slammed to ground by a McKinney police officer and it was filmed. Borelli went on to attack the woman and called the teen and her friends agitators of mob violence.

Meanes couldn't have a minute without this obnoxious Borelli popping off with slanderous accusations of her and Rev. Perm in the first sentence.

Don't she makes a 6 figure salary running with the Koch Brothers?

CJ Pearson is a teenage conservative activist who gain fame by defending Rudy Giuliani's comments about President Barack Obama "not loving" America.

This little nerd got praise from the righties. He made that video and post it on YouTube. It went viral.

Pearson is an advocate for the insurgency. Being at such a young age, one can't help but wonder does he actually have a normal life?

Pearson seems to be isolated from his fellow schoolmates. He probably believes his fellow schoolmates are indoctrinated by liberal school teachers.

This year, he made the news for calling Rev. Perm (aka Al Sharpton) a "rotten piece of flesh". He attacked the BlackLivesMatter movement. And says that the president isn't American enough because he won't say radical Islam.

He's also pissed that he got sacked from the social media website Facebook. Since he's only 12 years old, he's not age appropriate. So Facebook banned him for the time being. According to the rules, you have to be at least 14 years old to be on Facebook.

In order for him to gain celebrity he would create this fan page. But Facebook found out about it through those "evil" liberal trolls. So once again he was banned.

Now he's pissed about it. And he vows to expose Facebook for its liberal propaganda.

This is by far the youngest extremist to ever be mentioned on World News Today.

C.L. Bryant is a former NAACP leader who found his calling being a Black conservative extremist.

Bryant has a vendetta against the NAACP. He wrote the book "Runaway Slave: Run From Tyranny to Liberty" and it became a film. It was promoted by the extremists.

The film follows Rev. C.L. Bryant as he travels across the United States and speaks with members of the African-American community, various conservative leaders, and different public faces about the belief that the African-American community is immersed in a welfare state and prevented from being successful on their own.

Andrew Breitfart, Glenn Beck, Herman "999" Cain and Allen West are among the notable figures featured in the film who offer their insight and opinion into the topic.

Using leading black conservatives as "conductors," Rev. Bryant believes it is time for a new Underground Railroad to help liberate all Americans from the Government plantation that has left the black community dealing with a new form of slavery: entitlements.

Bryant is a birther also. He questions the president's Blackness. Right Wing Watch reports that the Black agitator asserted that "Rev. Perm would have been a more legitimate first black president than Barack Hussein Obama" because the agitator Rev. Perm "has a slave history."

"When you look at Barack Hussein Obama, whose father was Kenyan, his mother is white," Bryant said, "he does not have that history to tell about how he overcame. ... See, black people are so emotionally attached to the color of skin that sometimes we will accept the fact that well, he's black. Not in the sense that you're talking about."

C.L. Bryant is claiming Black folks are enslaved by the "Democrat" Party.

Seriously, when will you wake this moron up and remind him that "We Black Folk" been free. He the only one who still hanging by the chains.

Stacey Dash is an actress, model and commentator. Back in the day she was the attractive Dionne Davenport in the movie and television series Clueless. She had gigs on television and movies.

Now, Stacey is a right wing agitator who co-host the Loseville program Outnumbered.

What happened?

Well back in 2012, she became a huge fan of perennial loser Mitt Romney and running mate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) during their ill-fated run for the White House. She publicly went to the social media to endorse the Republican.

Though she was a Democrat and voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 US presidential election, Dash endorsed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney via her Twitter account on October 7, 2012. Other Twitter users responded with criticism, racial epithets and calls for her to commit suicide.

Vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan personally telephoned her. During their conversation, Ryan thanked Dash for supporting the Romney–Ryan ticket, and "told her she was brave".

She also went forth to criticize her former friends Jay-Z and Beyonce for endorse Barack Obama.

Dash was pissed that Jay and Bey went to Cuba for their vacation. She would ask her fans on Twitter if they "care that The Jay-Zs have taken the capital you have given them and funded a communist oppressive regime?

She also aimed at Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, two annoying celebrities in their own right.

Kanye was upset over the media negatively covering him and his family. He made an epic vent on toru.

Stacey Dash let loose on Kanye's rant. She was a bit more strongly than the rest of the panel. “For Kanye to say ‘rape,’ maybe he needs to spend some time on Rikers Island, go to Rikers for a while, and then he’ll know what rape is.” She then defended the paparazzi as “just doing their job.”

Later in the discussion, Dash had some advice for West. “If you’re nice, if you’re polite to them, they leave you alone,” she said. “It’s when you start to call them names and act crazy and put your hands up and do all this drama that they make it a big deal.”

Dash lives up to the title of Clueless.

David Webb is a talk radio agitator on SiriusXM. On the SiriusXM's Patriot, Webb hosts a nightly show that covers issues in America from a Black conservative prospective. He is a veteran of talk radio syndicate and is a notorious ambulance chaser.

He gave that annoying conservative agitator his talking point during the 2012 presidential elections.

That annoying conservative agitator used this tired line to criticize the president's economic policies.

Webb called Obama's policies a revised version of Jimmy Carter's legacy. He gave that annoying agitator the talking points: "Would you rather live on food stamps and poverty than growth and prosperity?"

He was in Raleigh during the Moral Mondays protest rallies. He got pissed off after a preacher called insurgent Black senator Tim Scott (R-SC) a ventriloquist dummy.  Webb was there to cause some trouble.

Reverend William Barber became the racist right's new whipping boy once his opinion made it to the social networks. Barber was targeted as being another Jeremiah Wright.

Who's the one who started that notion?

Take a guess!

On numerous occasions, Webb would do ambush journalism. He would confront people with dumb questions about how they remarked on conservatives . He singles out Black leaders and college professors who question conservative policies or lawmakers.

A sure fire way to generate attention.

Herman Cain is a perennial candidate who ran for president. He was a former business executive. He is a talk radio agitator and commentator.

What can I say about "Mr. 999" aka Shucky Ducky!

He has the smooth voice of a Black man but the thoughts of a radical.

Cain wanted to be the "real Black Man" in the White House but yet his political foes managed to get the best of him. When he ran for the top spot, he was a second-tier candidate. He eventually would become the anti-Romney candidate. The Republicans were upset over the field. The field was weak and they had a candidate who was they knew was a sure loser. So they bottom down the deck and found Cain.

Cain was a riding high. He managed to upset Rick "Oops" Perry in a political poll and took the front runner status. When he gained front runner status, the political operatives took him down.

Numerous allegations of sexual harassment and cheating on his wife doomed his chances. Instead of admitting his infidelity, he would bow out quickly. He would blame the president for his failure.

Cain often reflects on his failed bid for president. When Neal Boortz retired from the agitator radio, Cain decided to take up the morning post. Cain was a nightly radio host on Cox Media's WSB-AM

He quit the radio gig to jump into the clown car.

Cain touts about his success as a businessman for Godfather's Pizza and Burger King.

He also told the junk food media that Obama's policies aren't helping the middle class nor the Black community.

He had a plan. The 9-9-9 plan which is a trademark was supposed to bring tax reform on all levels. The plan would call for the changing current taxes (including the payroll tax, capital gains tax, and the estate tax) with 9% business transaction tax, 9% personal income tax, and a 9% federal sales tax.

Republicans love the idea. Most of the public though it as a joke. It was especially funny given that Cain's days as a pizza company CEO made the 9-9-9 plan look like a menu item.

Kevin Jackson is a conservative agitator, activist and writer. He is the founder of TheBlacksphere a blog that focuses on ending "identity" politics and exposing the race hustlas and poverty pimps in America.

He came to fame after speaking "the truth" about Blacks and Democrats at The National Press Club.

Jackson focuses on the president and two civil rights leaders who often grab the cameras.

This nobody appears on many AM agitator programs to make the baseless claims about President Barack Obama and the Black community.

His biggest complaint is the junk food media riling up Black folks in regards to the shooting of unarmed suspects. Especially the ones who are Black.

He appears on Loudmouth Bill Cunningham and that annoying conservative agitator's radio programs to vent off about how Attorney General Eric Holder's passionate speech about race in America.

Jackson being the bomb thrower bemoans about how Holder's remarks are the reason of racial unrest in the wake of the Ferguson riots and recent Baltimore riots.

Jackson complains about society being ran by “women who look like men, act worse than men, and who have essentially sacrificed their womanhood at the alter [sic] of ‘achievement.’”

In case it’s not clear, he’s really not a fan of the women’s movement: “There is a war against beautiful women, and it’s being waged by the Women’s Movement, ironically….Let’s face it, the women who rise through the ranks in Leftist politics look like dudes. In fact, if you put high-ranking female political Plutopians against their “male” counterparts, it would be the CHICKS WITH…well…CUPS, and I’m not talking bras. ….Women on the Left secretly wish to build a society of powerful ugly women…to match how they feel (and are) inside. A beautiful Liberal woman (not that I’ve ever seen one) might as well be fitted for knee pads and given Bill Clinton’s ‘How to Pleasure a President While On Your Knees Under a Desk” manual and a box of Cuban cigars.’
Claims that President Obama has "failed to unite blacks and whites at all, and in fact has taken America back into the 1860′s except now whites are enslaved to blacks."

According to Right Wing Watch, Jackson was a participant in anti-immigrant group that is deemed an extremist organization.

Recently Jackson appears on that annoying conservative agitator's program to slam DeRay McKesson for being a "race pimp".

Ever since his attack on McKesson, Jackson has been the go to guy for all things anti-Black from a Black man's prospective.

Allen West is a former U.S. Representative from Florida. He is a commentator and talk radio agitator.

West was a perennial loser in the previous elections, but somehow the 2010 election became his golden ticket. West a former Army lieutenant colonial who was deployed to Kuwait in 1991 and Iraq in 2003. In 2003, West was charged in an incident that involved the beating and simulated execution of an Iraqi police officer. After an Article 32 hearing was held, West accepted Non-judicial punishment, was fined $5,000, and allowed to retire as a lieutenant colonel.

After leaving the military, he and his family moved to Florida where he taught at a high school for a year and worked for a defense contractor, part of his time spent in Afghanistan as a civilian adviser to the Afghan National Army. He entered politics in 2008 as the nominee for Florida's 22nd congressional district in 2008, losing to Democratic incumbent Ron Klein. In a re-match in 2010, he won the seat, coinciding with significant Republican gains in the 2010 midterm elections.

West took office in January 2011 as the first African-American Republican Congressman from Florida since Josiah T. Walls left office in 1876 near the end of Reconstruction.

In Congress, West served on the Armed Services and Small Business Committees and was a high-profile member of the Tea Party Caucus and the Tea Party movement.

West would lost to Patrick Murphy in a hotly contested congressional race.

West's defeat came at the price of the 2012 U.S. Presidential Elections. West would blame perennial loser Mitt Romney for not putting up a fight against President Barack Obama.

It's been over a few years since his one term as a lawmaker, West decided that making money off profit rage would be more beneficial.

West is a frequent internet troll. He trolls Obama everywhere he goes. And West often has an opinion about it.

James David Manning is a pastor from the ATLAH Worldwide Church in Harlem, New York. He is an internet celebrity who gain fame by complaining about President Barack Obama being a "long legged mack daddy". He is a birther.

Gained fame in 2008 during his rant tour. He joined the ATLAH in 1981 and has been reawaken to the social ills of Black America. The word ATLAH stands for All The Land Anointed Holy, which is Manning's name for Harlem.

Manning's congregation, "ATLAH Worldwide Missionary Church" is the former Bethelite Missionary Baptist Church. The church is also the site of the ATLAH Theological Seminary, which offers classes on preaching and prophecy.

Through the ATLAH church, Manning hosts an online series called The Manning Report, which features criticism on such topics as the negative influence of black celebrities, homosexuality and the alleged criminal acts of President Barack Obama. Extremist Orly Taitz (previously a dentist and vexatious lawyer) joined Manning in a protest to "arrest Obama".

He complains about the birth certificate being forged. He claims that the president had numerous affairs with men and women. He slanders First Lady Michelle Obama as a lesbo.

For one thing he's also the most crooked religious leader to ever exist. He is an ex-con who reformed his life and saw the power of Black Jesus.

When he saw Jesus, Manning saw profits. He built ATLAH Worldwide and decided to share his thoughts on Black America, the gay community and illegal immigrants. He took aim at everyone and anything.

This backwards George Jefferson is moving on down to Harlem. He's been an active protester of the gentrification of Harlem. He believes that Blacks need to get the heck out of Harlem so the developers can wipe away the ungodly nonsense.

Jesse Lee Peterson is a talk radio agitator who is the founding member of BOND. By far he's the most controversial Black agitator to exist.

He's the guy who appears on the AM agitator programs to denounce Black America for being immoral, accusing the Black community engaging in victimhood and attack single parents as government leeches.

This ridiculous man refuses to acknowledge the legitimacy of President Barack Obama, Jesse Lee Peterson is an agitator who appears frequently on cable news programs degrading the Black community.

This man has the nerve to call Black people racists and delusional.

I've said before, are their any Blacks in this man's organization?

His organization the Brotherhood Of A New Destiny has no noted members being black. But yet he considers himself as a civil rights leader.

He thinks liberal women are sluts and single parents as welfare grabbing degenerates.

He believe the President of The United States, Barack Obama is a person who blames White people!

He concludes that Whites who who voted for Barack Obama shouldn't feel guilty if they turn out in droves to reject him and his "socialist" policies.

I swear that this human excrement can become pain inducing at times. But like most people, when you mention the name Jesse Lee Peterson, some would say "Who is this guy?"

Thank you America.  Thank you for not giving this extremist the air time. He's not worth it.

Let him ramble on those low power AM dials. Goddamn racial extremist.

David Clarke is the current sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. Clarke is rising star in the conservative movement. He often complains about how "the media" slanders police officers in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting.

A lifelong member of the NRA, Clarke plays this role of a "no nonsense cop" according to the righties. He's one good NIGGER.

Clarke appeared as one of the many invited guest to Congress. He and a few numerous others came to Washington to bitch talking points in opposition of Loretta Lynch, a potential replacement for Attorney General of the United States.

Clarke claims he's a Democrat but really he's a Republican who ran as a Democrat. He's good friends with a certain AM agitator who I often mention on this blog.

That annoying conservative agitator pulls this card right out his deck of black extremists.

Clarke is an embarrassment to the state of Wisconsin. He is often criticized for showboating.

Clarke comes on when the tragic shootings occurred recently. The shootings of news agitators and a Texas deputy were a de jour of blame for the showboating cop.

He often runs his mouth in areas where he shouldn't.

Matter of fact, there's a federal investigation into Milwaukee County sheriff's department. A woman is pressing charges against Clarke and four other deputies for police brutality.

Accused of a cover-up, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and four of his deputies are named as co-defendants in a federal civil rights lawsuit -- and it all started with an investigation that garnered national attention. A sober driver was arrested for drunk driving in February of 2013 -- and she's still fighting back.

When a Sheriff's deputy T-boned her car last year, Tanya Weyker suffered more than a broken neck. She suffered the indignity of a false arrest for driving while intoxicated.

Clarke in his usual fashion defended his officer's bad behavior by blaming Tanya for the incident and her anti-police rhetoric.

Clarke is a tin horn.

The people of Wisconsin think of Clarke as a joke and I certainly agree with them.

Let's not forget the rest of the bunch. I don't have enough time to waste on these extremists.

We also include Larry Elder, E.W. Jackson, Erik Rush, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), Peggy Hubbard, Clarence Thomas, Louisiana state senator Elbert Guillory, Star Parker, Armstrong Williams, Artur Davis, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and Ken Blackwell.

I have to put time into calling out these Black extremists.

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