Thursday, September 03, 2015

Kentucky Clerk Heads To Federal Time Out For Denying Marriage Licences!

Kim Davis
County clerk sent to federal time out for defying court order.

Kim Davis is a Rowan County, Kentucky clerk. She is an elected Democrat who runs the county records. She is the focal point of a big controversy in the coal country. She will face federal time out for defying a court order on the matter.

Davis is standing on her moral grounds to deny marriage licenses to couples because she doesn't support gay marriage.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the Obergefell v. Hodges decision. This historical decision grants marriage equality to every state and territory in the United States. Every marriage bans imposed by states are null and void.

Gay couples have the right to marriage as the straight couples.

Davis is stubbornly and boldly denying four gay couples and three straight couples marriage licenses.

The ACLU took it to federal court. Davis aided by the extremist Liberty Counsel have argued that her moral stances should grant her some legal immunity against issuing licenses.

Democrat Governor Steve Beshear gave up the fight on his state ban. He actually is ordering all state clerks to issue licenses. He ordered her to do so. She refused.

Davis went to the Supreme Court for a writ of delay. That was denied. The U.S. Federal Court in Ashland ordered an immediate issuing of licenses to the couples. She refused.

So today, she got served up.

Davis is ordered to the county lockup for the time being for defying the court of law. As she tearfully is hauled off, she tells jackass Todd Starnes that she is willing to "die" for her Christian beliefs.

That means she's becoming a martyr for the racist right.

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