Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I'm Sorry For The Break Too...

Turmoil continues in Young Money paradise.

Lil' Wayne and his year long romance with Christina Milian has ended. I am guessing that he may actually be the rumored father of a certain hip-hop gossip who claimed that Christina "sucked" for a label deal.

Single again. 
Christina has dated some high profile acts back then. Nick Cannon, Jas Prince and her ex-husband Terius Youngdell Nash (known as The-Dream) dated Milian during her days at Def Jam. When the cannon fired her out, she found home with Young Money/Cash Money. Wayne confirmed that he was began dating her after the signing.

The-Dream and his other ex-wife, pop singer Nivea warned that this relationship would be a total disaster. They were right.

Nivea is the mother of The-Dream and Weezy's children.

Christina is pretty damn heartbroken over this event. She just recently posted that nice shiny thing on her arm as a present from him.

Then there's the feud with this hip-hop gossip. Christina doesn't like this.....well you know!

Karrine "Superhead" Steffans is the "hip-hop vixen", She is a notorious celebrity agitator. She claimed that she got the game on lock when it comes to men in sports and hip-hop. She wrote Vindicated and mentioned her pregnancy with her second child.

She claims that a certain name in the hip-hop game is the "baby daddy".

She also warned Christina to stay in her lane.
Birdman sued The Carters for copyright infringement. Lil' Wayne released an unauthorized album on Tidal and Cash Money is suing Jay-Z and his co-founders for allowing its release.
Steffans isn't afraid to show her love for Weezy. We don't know what caused the break up but I am guessing that Weezy still getting his charging his player's card.

This breakup may have Weezy cannon firing Christina from Young Money. She will premiere her reality television show Christina Milian: Turned Up on E! Entertainment.

Weezy is currently stuck in a legal limbo. He is forced to owe up a stack for skipping bills. He was under contract to take care of his private plane. I guess he didn't pay $2.5 million in failure to pay for his private jet.

He also is facing a lawsuit from his label for releasing the Free Weezy Album on Tidal. The album kind of sucked. Bryan "Birdman" Williams warned Weezy and fellow disgruntled labelmate Tyga that they would be "blackballed" if they keep acting out.

Proof positive that Birdman is a man of his word.
Lil' Wayne still feuding with Birdman and Young Thug.
The feud between Birdman and Weezy started from the numerous delays of his album Tha Carter V.

Weezy was pissed that Birdman delayed Nicki Minaj and Tyga's albums as well. The Cash Money label is going through a major civil war right now. Drake promises that leaving Young Money/Cash Money after the release The Views From The 6.

Young Thug is Birdman's star act. That star act is squeezing the air out of Wayne's spotlight.

Many people are still riding with Lil' Tunechi for the most part. But as his turmoils continue, I get this feeling that Weezy will end up broke in five years.

Who knows?

So what's your thoughts on the split? Who ended the relationship?

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