Tuesday, September 22, 2015

If They Only Knew How To Spell....

Notice something wrong in the banner.

Looks like pro-Confederate supporters forgot something. The "E" from hero. It's correctly spelled HEROES. A mistake that makes Confederate supporters look stupid.

They were counter protesting the Black Lives Matter.

Community activists and historic preservationists got help from an unusual source to draw attention to their protest today of monuments to Confederate leaders on Monument Avenue during the first day of training for the UCI Road World Championships.

A small plane carrying a banner with a Confederate battle flag and the phrase “Confederate heroes matter” circled above Monument Avenue, where the protest had gathered at the statue of Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy.

But the drone of the aircraft did not drown the half-hour protest of the Richmond 2015 decision to make Monument Avenue a focal point of the world bicycle competition

The Black Lives Matter activists were protesting for the removal of monuments to Confederate soldiers. The counter protesters wanted to make their presence known.

It's unfortunate that their error in spelling will be cemented.

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