Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hassan Rouhani: Republicans Are ___________!

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani will speak at the annual United Nations global leaders summit. He will discuss the nuclear deal. While in the United States, he had an opportunity to talk to CNN. He basically slammed Republicans and conservatives for scaring the world with fanatical rhetoric.

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani wanted to clear the record on the rhetoric being thrown around by the Republicans and their conservative allies in the junk food media. He basically said that Iran isn't the monster the media painted it out to be.

I agree with him.

A country of 80 million people. Out of those 80 million people there's probably a handful of extremists hoping for the deal to fail.

The United States has 321 million people. Out of those 321 million people there's probably 1/3 of the American public who believe that Iran is an "enemy" and the U.S. should engage in war with Iran.

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour asked Rouhani about the current Republican presidential race, specifically with regard to how the candidates are denouncing the Iran nuclear deal.

Rouhani knows a little about American politics. He knows that fear and bigotry exist in the United States. He knows that the Republicans are on the losing side of history. He believes that this deal could broker peace between Iran and the United States.

He didn't singled out the Republican clown car for its "end of days" rhetoric, but the way the party operates.

Rouhani said, “What is spoken of here in the United States of America… [is] quite laughable, it was very strange.” Iranians, he explained, view this “as a form of entertainment.”

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