Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Freddie Gray's Family Rather Have Indicted Cops Jailed Than The Money!

Baltimore settles with family of Freddie Gray.

Baltimore paid the family of Freddie Gray $6.4 million in damages. Many conservatives are outraged at state prosecutor Marilyn Mosby and mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake for this.

They believe Freddie Gray injured himself and the six officers indicted are innocent of his death.

They believe Black Lives Matter, President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party is anti-cop, anti-White and anti-whatever.

This punitive damages of $6.4 million will resolve all civil claims related to his arrest and death. The payout needs approval from the city's spending panel and that OK is expected to come tomorrow.

Once granted, the money would be doled out over a two-year period. A statement from Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake's office says that the settlement "should not be interpreted as a judgment on the guilt or innocence of the officers facing trial." Rather, the city's decision to accept civil liability in the case was done to avoid the cost of a court battle that could have ultimately cost taxpayers much more.

The Sun reports on the magnitude of the settlement: Since 2011, the city has only paid out sums in excess of $200,000 six times; there were a total of 120 claims made in that period related to alleged police brutality, and the Grays' settlement is just slightly larger than all of those combined.

The family would rather see these six officers fired and indicted on the second degree murder charge.

For you see, Freddie Gray suffered a broken neck. The law didn't act on screams of pain. The law didn't think his life mattered.

This death sparked a few days of unrest in Baltimore.

The impact caused the racist right to develop the notion that Democrats advocate for racial unrest.

The left also called to question Republicans failed leadership and their negative influence on equal treatment of suspects.

Many in the Black Lives Matter movement argue that criminals are often treated differently based on race.

Freddie Gray, Walter Scott, Sandra Bland, Taylor Christian, Sam DuBose, Michael Brown, John Crawford, Tamir Rice and many others suffered death at the hands of law enforcement.

Freddie Gray and Sandra Bland's death while in police custody calls into question how those in the lockup ignore injuries of those in detainment.

Baltimore is well on pace to having over 300 gun related deaths this year alone. The problem isn't the Black people, the law or lawmakers. The problem is access to firerarms. The state has lax gun laws that give owners the opportunity to use them in criminal acts. It's not a partisan issue, but a polarizing issue for gun control or strict background checks.

Gun crime is the biggest threat in America. NO ONE IN WASHINGTON BELIEVES THAT!

That's why we're seeing so many events like this happening.

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