Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Fox Lumps Black Extremist To Black Lives Matters!

The racist right continues to undermine the Black Lives Matter movement. The racist right blames the group for the deaths of police officers.

So the racist right lumps a Black Extremist to the Black Lives Matter group. This nobody gets more exposure by lil' old Sean Hannity. 

King Noble is a YouTube and Blog Talk Radio agitator who expresses anti-Black, anti-White, and anti-cop rhetoric. He is not affiliated with anyone in the Black Lives Matter movement.

According to Hannity and the racist right, this extremist is the spokesman for Black Lives Matter and the White House.

I guess we're giving King Noble the attention he deserves. I am guessing you'll have to listen to the hour long rant from this extremist. The video in question.

The biggest SHOCK from The Blaze is that he's a self-proclaimed Black Lives Matters activist who declared it is “open season on killing whites and white police officers.”

King Noble, a Black extremist caught the right's attention.
The extremist added, “To me, what the Houston, Texas, brutal execution before the public represents to me is it’s open season on killing whites and white police officers — and probably killing cops period,” he said. “It’s unavoidable, inescapable. It’s funny that that now we are moving to a time where the predator will become the prey.”

Wow, the freedom of speech. Ooh, he's calling for killing of White people. Is he going to lead a revolution?

I think not. He's just going to be some quarterback who bitches online about how he's this mighty lion but in reality, he's a pussy. Just like Sean Hannity. 

So once again, Sean Hannity wants to do this guilt-by-association bullshit again. He didn't learn from the last time he tried to do this stuff. Hannity was one of the main reasons to why Barack Obama won the presidential election, twice. 

I want to say that desperation is clear in the Republican Party. They can't win the Black vote or Hispanic vote. They devote their policies to some agitator who makes millions of dollars bitching about things.

I think Sean Hannity is America's biggest concern troll to ever host a cable news program. He is by far the most annoying conservative agitator to ever exist. He's so fucking annoying.

He's is well on his way for second nomination for the worst host ever! 
The big picture.
What's worse is that me along with Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Media Matters, MSNBC, Comedy Central and Mediaite continues to watch this trainwreck. I think we should all just ignore him. 

He's on at 10pm, most of the audience sleeps or dies off after 10pm. He is pathetic.

The Republican Party is devoted to its self-inflicted destruction. If Republicans keep relying on this name dropping, name calling, partisan blaming, screaming numskull, they'll lose!

I declare that Sean Hannity of talk radio and that awful right wing carnival will help the Democrats win the next election.

The Republicans should treat him as entertainment and not as a serious commentator. He is not a serious pundit. He is a part of the junk food media. He should be regarded as a gadfly.

No one is willing to talk about it. This is a real serious issue. Gun crime is the number one crisis in the United States. Over 4,500 people were injured by firearms.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck suggested that Black Lives Matter should be listed as a "hate group".
About 44 people die a day by a firearm. It's like an everyday thing with mass shootings. 

These events happen everyday and Congress will not do anything to control this. They rather deflect the problems of gun crime because of the National Rifle Association's grip on the lawmakers.

I do not lump groups into issues involving gun crimes. See the agitators love to blame others for the actions of one person. That one person who is accused of a gun crime is responsible for their own actions. Blaming others isn't productive.

People with mental issues should be looked at before they're given access to firearms.

Concern trolls don't give two fucks about Black people! So why the fuck are they running their mouths about Black-on-Whatever crime? See the concern troll would rather use race, politics, gender, sexuality, religion and economic standings as their excuse for gun crime. 

Black America's concerns about gun crime are real. You don't hear about it on the cable news shows.

Because it's considered a "local" news story. That network along with CNN, MSNBC and others are devoted to sensationalism and agitation for ratings. They know if they can scare up White folks with stories about Black criminality, then they gain ratings.

That's why Black Lives Matter. They are tired of police brutality. The group demands accountability when police use deadly force on unarmed suspects. They want the media to give their movement the same attention they've given the other movements.

The racist right undermined Occupy Wall Street when they were upset over corporate greed. They sneered at the group as being unwashed rapists. Now the very same agitators of the racist right call Black Lives Matter, a "murder movement" and "cop killers".

The network that sponsors this nonsense gives Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly Elisabeth Hasselbeck and numerous others the attention they don't deserve.

That network is a part of the problem.

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